Here are’s 10 Most Popular Stories From 2016 — Enjoy!

2016 has certainly been a strange, memorable year — a veritable dumpster fire if you agree with the Austin Chronicle’s cover this week. Of course, there’s been more to 2016 than just a string of popular celebrity deaths, elections that are akin to circus acts, and the insanity that was the Pokemon Go craze. Locally, we’ve had our same bit of ups and downs, so we thought we’d revisit them with some of our most popular stories from 2016.


1. The 10 Biggest SXSW Fails of 2016

One of our favorite local institutions is the annual SXSW festival, and boy was 2016 a memorable year for the fest. We had the Obamas in town, Operation Taco Drop, and some incredible moments captured on social media.