23 Of Our Favorite Social Media Moments From SXSW 2016

SXSW 2016 was certainly one for the books, what with the President dropping by for tacos and such. We can safely say that it was one of the best festivals we’ve ever had. Crime was down by 50 percent over last year, no major accidents occurred, and almost everyone had a blast (save but for the SXSW Grinches among us).

While we wait for the real tale of the tape (I.E. the economic impact report, which won’t be out for a few months), let’s recap 10 of our favorite moments from this year’s festival…

23.) this welcome to Austin message

But, again, no need to move here. Thanks.

22.) An apd fail

We’re really glad that the Austin Police Department members were much happier during SXSW this year, but maybe a little more alertness is in order. (Note: Video commentary is NSFW)

21.) We blame this guy

Hey, maybe he’s the reason everyone was moving a little slower this year.

20.) Whatever this is

Tricked out pedi cab? Mobile one-man-band unit? Whatever it is, we’re totally into it.

19.) The Empire vs APD

This Stormtrooper learned the hard way that we don’t take too kindly to clones-we’re all about the unique and weird in Austin. Unless that’s one of those newfangled, Episode VII TIE Fighters, in which case… Well, let’s hope he’s a traitor like our man Finn.

18.) faces on tortillas because why tf not?

There’s nothing like getting to eat our favorite food (tacos, duh) with our faces grilled right into the flour tortilla. We’d also be happy eating Anthony Bourdain’s mug with some meats and cheeses.

17.) bbq sauce portraits

Hungry for more face food? This guy’s got you covered. Or you could do something less fun like a logo or your kid’s name or something.

Getting a Logo rebrand for #sxsw in BBQ sauce by @byra_beast #secretsauce @capitalone

A video posted by SeeSaw Austin (@seesawaustin) on

16.) this Weird fashion moment

Only in #austin#keepaustinweird#wardrobemalfunction#naked#fullynaked#orangedress#sxswwardrobe

A photo posted by Cindy Morales (@cayala80) on

15.) an unexpected bar patron

What did the horse say when he walked into the bar? Ouch. Or something along those lines. We should probably ask the folks at Stay Gold, where these oh-so-Austin moment happened.

Stop me if you’ve heard this…A horse walks into a bar… #sxsw #staygold #keepaustinweird

A photo posted by Kevin Brown (@akkb78) on

14.) Unicorns on parade

If a horse isn’t good enough for you, how about a unicorn? Fairies and unicorns prancing through downtown may be pretty weird on any other day of the year, but it’s only moderately weird during SXSW.

Hi? #R29expressyourself #sxsw

A photo posted by Princess Nikita Mendy (@nmendy21) on

13.) craig robinson turns four seasons bar into karaoke lounge

This moment seemed to go down in history for not only best SXSW moment ever, but also best life moment ever. It’s good to see Horatio Belvetine, one of Robinson’s alter ego from “Brooklyn 99,” make it off of that cruise ship and onto the shores of Town Lake Lady Bird Lake.

12.) DJ Mel livens up obama’s party

Austin’s DJ Mel took a pretty great photo from the DJ booth when he played during President Obama’s party at Austin Music Hall. No big.

11.) Operation Taco Drop

So much of this.



Posted by Daniel Timmins on Friday, March 18, 2016

10.) This upside down CHURCH from AMC’s “Preacher”

I’m not going to lie, this is a pretty good idea. I mean it rained enough during SXSW, right? AMC probably wouldn’t be too into it, though.

9.) This particular photo of George Strait

Our favorite Selena impersonator/George Strait fan nearly lost her head when Strait took the stage at Ray Benson’s birthday bash at GSD&M.

You have to be pretty in love with the man to get that close for a picture.

Whole life made. Bye forever.

A photo posted by StoneColdStephAustin (@bidibidibergie) on

8.) Drake still can’t dance

Once of Austin’s queens of social media, Bianca Flores (she runs all of those Transmission accounts we love so much), managed to get this footage of Drake on stage… Filming, uh… His new exercise DVD or something? Let’s go with that.

7.) Jazz Cartier hanging from the roof

Jazz Cartier apparently figured that since this was the last Illmore party to ever happen, he’d just take the roof off with him, and Avi Minkoff was there to capture it.

Wow! @jacuzzilafleur Jazz Cartier literally just tore down #illmore #lastone #breakmusic

A photo posted by Avi Minkoff (@apdzie) on

6.) celebrity scoops come at all times of the night

We’ll take ’em wherever we can get ’em!

The tweet has since been deleted. Ruh-roh! The show is Showtime’s “Roadies,” which actually sounds pretty interesting.

5.) The failed stagedive

Austin restaurateur CK Chin (Swift’s Attic, WuChow) had a LOT of fun tweeting during SX, putting together one of the best feeds of the week. His tweets included videos of shows, pics with music icons like Just Blaze, Steve Aoki, and retweets of shoutouts from Questlove, all from great on-stage locales that most of us can only dream of. We have to agree with him that of all the great videos he posted, this was the greatest SXSW video that he captured.

4.) Iggy Pop and Josh Homme

They brought their special brand of weird to ACL Live at the Moody Theater with “Some Weird Sin.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVd5SxBZH2w&w=560&h=315]

3.) When it was finally over

ACL Live’s Happy Mercado sent the festival on its way with the obligatory cut wristbands and discarded passes photo, coupled with a mom joke. What better way to say goodbye?

2.) And we did a little yoga to calm our frazzled nerves

What better/weirder way to wind down from SXSW than by doing yoga with bunnies?

1.) then we finally got some sleep

Until next year, SX…