- December 1, 2016

Bill Murray Demands Double Encore from Lupe Fiasco at The Belmont


When we saw this in our Twitter feed this morning, we knew last night’s Lupe Fiasco show at the Belmont must’ve been a good one.


Bill Murray in Austin? Bill Murray at the Lupe Fiasco show? Bill Murray at THE BELMONT?

Color us confused. Until we found this post of the two Chicago area natives from Lupe himself.

Two encores and a Bill Murray appearance? Sounds like an amazing night in Austin.

And the most amazing post of this night award goes to this guy who captured Murray’s pure joy on video. It’s almost as good as seeing him tear up at the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. Almost.

You’ve got to love that most of the crowd is paying no attention to Murray. They’re just letting him do his thing because that’s what we do in Austin.

You also have to love that Lupe took a moment to address the homeless problem in Austin. According to a post from a Facebook fan, he called the ATX a beautiful city, but also said we have one of the worst homeless issues he’s ever seen. He went on to encourage the audience to do something about it, saying that people need to fix it for the city to be great.


For now, we’re just grateful that both of these guys (especially Murray who occasionally party crashes and bartends in Austin) keep enjoying the heck out of our city.

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Featured photo courtesy of Lupe Fiasco’s Instagram