- November 28, 2016

Austin Actor Danny Treviño Gains National Recognition in ‘Trap Plane’


Austin actor Danny Treviño leads a cast full of Texans in the web series Trap Plane, available online soon. Shot in the Houston area, editing for the series completed just days before entries were due for NYC Web Fest. So, you can imagine the cast’s surprise and joy at winning the award for 2016 Best Drama in New York in early November.

The six-episode series revolves around two CIA agents tasked with protecting a notorious drug lord who’s flying around the world on a luxury plane selling drugs. The agents decide to build a case against him but fear testifying in court, forcing them to make the difficult decision to continue the assignment or go rogue.

You can watch the trailer for the series and keep up with any developments on the project at the official Vimeo page.

As for Treviño, expect to see more of him on screen in the next year. He recently wrapped the feature film Trippin to the Altar, which won the Texas Feature Comedy award at Austin Revolution Film Festival. He is also currently shooting the horror film Aghora in Austin.

NSFW Warning (language):

Featured photo screenshot from Trap Plane