- July 10, 2019

The Vapor Caves Pokes Fun at Austin Housing Market with Promo for ‘Endless Summer’

We know it’s a joke, and it’s a good one at that, but the new promo video by Austin’s The Vapor Caves for their new single is basically listing all of the most popular articles on Austin.com to call out some of Austin’s most overhyped and generic qualities. They just happen to do it so charmingly and with enough great music in the background that we’re totally here for it. And that new single “Endless Summer” helps make some of that bitter pill a little easier to swallow.

The minute-long video starts with the narrator explaining that the perfect city has bottomless mimosas, paddleboarding, acroyoga, delicious, authentic tacos, farmers markets featuring artisanal nut butters, live music, and everybody’s favorite, bachelorette parties.

It goes on to poke fun at the ridiculousness that is Austin’s housing market, including the newly gentrified east side. But don’t worry, Endless Summer Homes, who just happens to have a contact phone number of (512) 420-VAPE, is here to help. They’ve got condemned listings to fit most budgets so that “no matter the income bracket, summer can last all year long.”


It’s good fun, and a refreshing way to promote a music video. Then again, this duo (made up of real-life couple Andrew Thaggard and Yadira Brown) is known to have a lot of fun with their promo videos, like this NSFW one for “The Chase.”

Enjoy the video, then go download some of The Vapor Caves’ music to help you enjoy the rest of your summer. I’m off to make a list about creators of artisanal nut butters.