- July 11, 2017

How To Never Hassle With Parking In Downtown Austin


Austin parking, especially downtown, is a headache to put it mildly. Bumper-to-bumper traffic, confusing parking rule signs, expensive private lots – sometimes it feels like drivers can’t win. Luckily, it is possible to come out on top on your next trip downtown with a few insider tips. If you never want to hassle with parking again, follow this advice:

Purchase a Monthly Parking Spot

Almost every parking garage, and even many lots, offer monthly parking rates and spot reservations. If you regularly commute to Austin, a monthly spot might be just the thing for you. Monthly plans range from about $89 to $250 for downtown parking. This parking option can get expensive, but it eliminates the hassle of driving around and trying to find a spot. If you drive to Austin for work, timely parking is priceless. Try SP+ to find monthly parking at great discounts and budget-friendly plans.

Join ParkMe.com

ParkMe.com is like your personal chauffeur, giving you reservable parking spaces in downtown Austin with just a few easy clicks. Simply type “Austin” into the search bar and select hourly or monthly parking options. The site will show you the location of the parking spot, walking distance to downtown, and the price of the venue.

Select the spot that’s ideal for you and start the reservation process. Most spots take reservations all day! Reserving your spot in advance means you drive straight to the right garage or parking lot and into an open spot – no waits, driving in circles, or having to park somewhere more expensive due to a time crunch.

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Find Alternatives to Driving

Austin is an excellent city for people who need to get around without vehicles. If you’re willing to try alternative transportation, you never have to worry about parking again. This won’t always be the best option, but it can help if you need to get around for just the day or run small errands around town. Here are four alternative options in Austin:

  • Carpool. There are 466,827 registered carpoolers in Austin, Texas. Tap into this opportunity by joining a site like CarpoolWorld.com to find your perfect rideshare. Carpooling eliminates parking problems and helps the environment!
  • Take an Uber or Lyft. Uber and Lyft offer more affordable alternatives to the traditional taxicab around Austin. Download one of these free apps and get around town without having to park. As a bonus, both sites offer free rides to new users.
  • Take the bus. Learn the Austin Metro system to see if a bus loops in the area you need. Bus fare ranges from a $2.50-day pass to a $41.25 31-day pass – much cheaper than paying for monthly parking.
  • Bike around. If your commute isn’t far, consider riding your bike. Austin is becoming a more bicycle-friendly town, with more bike paths and pedestrian-friendly crosswalks. You can even rent a bicycle at certain spots downtown.

Nothing is quite as comfortable as driving to Austin in your own vehicle, but if you really don’t want to deal with parking, consider one of these alternatives. Getting around without your car might be easier (and more rewarding) than you think!

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