- February 9, 2016

It’s Easy To See Why We Love Epoch Coffee For Keeping Austin Caffeinated

If you’ve spent any time in Austin, you know that we Austinites are unapologetic about our obsessions with live music, barbecue, and tacos. We also freaking love rescuing animals, exploring nature, and partying hard. It’s nothing new.

But unless you’ve been here a while, you probably haven’t discovered our secret passion: really really good coffee. There are about a zillion coffee shops and coffee-focused trailers scattered throughout town, but in our minds, one stands out among all the rest. Say hello to Epoch Coffee.

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Pronounced “Eh-pic” — not “Ee-pawk,” although most customers have adopted that pronunciation — Epoch has been around since 2006 when three friends and local baristas, Kevin Garry, Joe Rodriguez, and Chris Clarkson, teamed up with a mission to keep Austin caffeinated in non-robotic, non-pretentious fashion.

joe rodriguez co-owner co-founder

Epoch Coffee’s co-owner, Joe Rodriguez.

“We built our business on a principal of family and we focus that into building the team into a group we will do anything for,” said Garry, an Austin native with hill country roots, while sipping one of Epoch’s cinnamony lattes from the back patio at the company’s Village location. “Our baristas stay with us for a long time.”

“We are an old-school, up all night, counter-culture, gritty coffee shop and yet maintain a strong energy for high-quality, specialty coffee,” added Rodriguez, a South Texan who relocated to ATX after serving in the U.S. Army. “We want to bridge the gap between serving a tasty and beautiful drink made by someone who knows and loves their craft, and providing a comfortable and giving environment.”

Beautifully, Epoch maintains not one but two local locations, with a possible third venue in East Austin coming soon. Epoch @ North Loop came first to provide service industry workers, coffee shop lifers, and post-secondary and graduate students a low key space in which to study and unwind. Epoch @ The Village on West Anderson Lane opened in 2013; its sleek design attracts professional clientele and has provided the company with a credible platform upon which to expand their specialty tea program. 

What’s even better is that both of the company’s current cafes are open daily and open late. Epoch @ The Village, which uses beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters, is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Epoch @ North Loop serves up caffeinated Wild Gift-infused goodness every day, all day.

(Remember: Make sure to check out p. 2 of this article for a special Austin.com reader discount!)