- July 26, 2016

11 Totally Austin Moments When The Only Reasonable Solution Is Favor

Far south and far north Austin, rejoice! You can now be as wonderfully lazy and/or super busy as you like, because you have a new tool in your arsenal. Austin-based delivery service Favor has officially doubled its delivery area as of July 26, bringing more Austinites whatever food, groceries, personal items, and just plain weird stuff that they may need. The new expansion covers as far south as Slaughter Ln and as far north as Cedar Park.

Deliveries run from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. (that means plenty of post-bar deliveries from Austin’s 24/7 restaurants), and Favor Runners will pick up and bring you darn near anything you want (of course we always suggest Favoring from local stores and restaurants).

Here are just a few instances when having Favor deliver to your neighborhood will come in super handy:

11. When your roommate was supposed to make you some fresh-squeezed juice, but ended up making a monstrosity, and you desperately need some Juiceland in your life.


10. When you can’t possibly get out of bed, but Walton’s Fancy and Staple cookies are calling your name.


9. When it’s cheat day and all you can think about is hella carbs from Easy Tiger’s bakery.


8. When you’ve been chasing Pokémon all day and can’t possibly make a run to HEB for toilet paper, but you really, really need toilet paper.


7. When it’s Sunday and you can’t possibly leave the house because a “King of the Hill” marathon is on, but you need snacks from Quickie Pickie. And Bobby Hill is just straight up inspirational when it comes to being lazy.


6. When you really need some bacon from Salt & Time, but shaving, putting on pants, and driving a car have become incredibly overrated.bacon

5. But then you ate too much bacon and need some vegetables in your life and need some fresh produce from Wheatsville Co-Op. Also because you’re a sloth.sloth

4. When it’s time to lounge by the pool… sunbathing dog

3. But your hammock broke and you need a new Kammok from Whole Earth Provision Co.


2. When your epic after party includes seeing the sun rise, and you still aren’t quite sober enough to make the trek to Voodoo Donuts.



1. And then finally, the glorious moment arrives and your Favor Runner is at your door and life is worth living again. And you tip them well because you appreciate the hell out of them.

lazy dog

Download the Favor app in the iTunes or Google Play store.