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You can get a steak at any old steakhouse, right? Wrong!

You could grill one up at home, but why would you when there are so many great steakhouses in Austin? And you don’t have to go to a chain steakhouse. There are plenty of local steakhouses and other local restaurants ready to serve you a steak that’ll make your mouth water and your Austin pride well up.

Now if you want to eat your way through the Austin steak scene, here are 10 restaurants to begin your journey.

10.) Estancia Churrascaria

Photo: Courtesy, Estancia Churrascaria.

Photo: Courtesy, Estancia Churrascaria.

We bet you didn’t think a Brazilian steakhouse was going to lead off this list! At Estancia Churrascaria, chefs personally serve cuts of meat directly from large skewers. Make sure you try their golden fried bananas alongside whichever meat you choose.

9.) Hasler Brothers Steakhouse

Photo: Courtesy, Hasler Brothers Steakhouse.

Photo: Courtesy, Hasler Brothers Steakhouse.

This place is a relative newbie among Austin steakhouses. Hasler Brothers Steakhouse opened in 2009 in the Hill Country Galleria in Bee Cave. They’re proud of their steaks, but they insist you try their crab macaroni and cheese.

8.) Jeffrey’s

Photo: Courtesy, Jeffrey’s.

Photo: Courtesy, Jeffrey’s.

Jeffrey’s doesn’t call itself a steakhouse, but steak is definitely a highlight on the menu. This swanky Clarksville neighborhood restaurant has been a mainstay on Austin food scene for a long time. Once you’ve considered their other tantalizing options like shellfish risotto, pan roasted halibut and seared duck breast, you can move onto the steak options. Their 42-ounce porterhouse is dry aged 32 days and comes from the Beeman Family Ranch in Yoakum.

7.) Hoffbrau Steaks

Photo: Courtesy, Hoffbrau Steaks.

Photo: Courtesy, Hoffbrau Steaks.

When you hear people talk about how Austin used to be in the old days, chances are Hoffbrau Steaks was around then, too. This place has been around since 1932, and they’ve been serving steaks almost as long. The menu is simple. You pick your steak, and you get fries, a salad and bread alongside. The hardest choice you have to make is which steak!

6.) TRIO Restaurant

Photo: Courtesy, TRIO Restaurant.

Photo: Courtesy, TRIO Restaurant.

When you’re in the Four Seasons Hotel, you know you’re going to get great food and great service. But did you know you can get a great steak? TRIO Restaurant specializes in steaks, seafood and wine. And after dinner, you can walk out the door to a stroll on Lady Bird Lake.

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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