- September 2, 2015

You’ll Swoon Over These 10 Gorgeous Lake Travis Sunsets

When temperatures in Austin officially reach the “OMG WE’RE DYING” thermometer line, finding ways to stay cool and hydrated while enjoying the outdoors as summer drags on can pose a few challenges. Certainly, one of the best ways to cool off is to splash around in one of our numerous natural swimming holes, but in case you haven’t gotten in the water yet, we put together this photo gallery of beautiful Lake Travis sunsets that will have you swooning — and swimming — in no time!

10.) We’ve all seen this view before, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty.


“Lake 143” by Flickr user Jenn Deering Davis, CC licensed.

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9.) A lighthouse and orange-y sun flare? We’re listening…


“Sunset Over Lake Travis” by Flickr user Jenn Deering Davis, CC licensed.

8.) Of course we love this epic piece of whimsy.


“231 – Lake Travis” by Flickr user eyeliam, CC licensed.

7.) The Oasis is well known as a perfect sunset viewpoint. Rightly so!


“At The Oasis – Lake Travis, Austin” by Flickr user Photography at Vine Ripe Design, CC licensed.

6.) We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy…


“Sunset at the Oasis” by Flickr user Nathaniel F, CC licensed.

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5.) Aaaand now we’re melting.


“Sunset on Lake Travis” by Flickr user Benson Kalahar, CC licensed.

4.) You know you can’t resist this one…


“Sunset Over Lake Travis” by Flickr user Jonathan Vail, CC licensed.

3.) Hey… you’re drooling.


“Lake Travis Filtered” by Flickr user Sam Butler, CC licensed.

2.) We’ve never been more sure — orange is the best color.


“Lake Travis Sunset” by Flickr user Jonathan Vail, CC licensed.

1.) But then again… this one’s got all the colors!


“Lake Travis Sunset – Austin, Texas 2014” by  Flickr user Anthony Quintano, CC licensed.

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Featured photo: “Lake Travis Sunset – Austin, Texas 2014” by Flickr user Anthony Quintano, CC licensed.