- February 29, 2016

Want to Eat Tacos with Police Chief Art Acevedo? New APD App Can Help Make That Happen

Austin Police Department has launched a new app full of interactive features, and now they want your help to market it. The app was announced at a press conference yesterday, along with Police Chief Art Acevedo’s plea to the public for a new slogan.

Highlights of the app include a way to submit anonymous tips, view real time crime maps, social media connections, a place to file some non-emergency reports online, and more. More of the app features can be found in Fox 7’s story. In a startup-friendly town like Austin, this makes total sense, especially since Acevedo is an avid Twitter user.

Slogan submissions will be narrowed down to 3-5 choices before the public gets to weigh in on the vote, with the final winner being taken to lunch by Acevedo (he’ll even buy, he mentions in the video). 

Find the new app on iTunes and the Google Play store.