Top 10 Spots for Beginners to Bike in Austin

Here’s another great way to get out of the house and not have to interact with neighbors at a close proximity. Whether you want to get back into the swing of riding, are completely new to cycling, or are looking to ride with other beginners – we made a list of the 10 best spots to ride bikes in Austin, just for you.

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1. Veloway Park

Veloway is a spacious 3.1-mile paved trail developed in the 1990’s for cyclists and rollerbladers. Factors such as good quality asphalt, fun hills, sharp turns, and fantastic scenery put this trail at the top of our list! Located in the Circle C area, right off of Mopac, the Veloway is readily accessible for bikers at all levels. With no foot traffic allowed, beginners don’t have to worry about weaving through crowds. Go ride that bike!

2. Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Since The Butler Trail’s boardwalk grand opening on June 7, 2014, the boardwalk has been busy with bikes and pedestrians all along Lady Bird Lake. The pathway connects the current end of the trail by the Austin American Statesman building to Lakeshore Park. The full trail stretches 10.1 miles and closes the southeastern gap of the hike and bike trail. The trail is a great way to see the beautiful Austin skyline as well as learn fun nature facts on the way. This is a great attraction for the whole family!

3. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Many trails weave throughout the Greenbelt, which stretches from Zilker Park all the way into the western part of Travis County, and the outskirts of the Austin city limits. The main path of the Barton Creek Greenbelt is a low technical level. Riding a mountain bike is recommended since the 7.25 miles of deep foliage, beautiful limestone, and waterfalls can be a little rocky.

4. Dick Nichols Park

Dick Nichols Park Trail is a 2-mile loop trail with great scenery and a waterfall. This trail is ideal for those who want to ride road bike because the trail is paved! With a mountain bike, you can even venture off the path and discover the wooded areas where wildlife can be found! There are playgrounds available here as well, if the kids want to take a break from riding.

5. Onion Creek Trail

Located in McKinney Falls State Park, the Onion Creek trail is a 2.8-mile loop. There are plenty of picnic tables available for relaxing in the shade of the Live Oak and Bald Cypress trees. This trail is versatile and accessible to walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. The trail is leveled and paved out, making it perfect for beginners.

6. Shoal Creek

Shoal Creek is a multi-use trail and is fairly easy to navigate, even through all the winding creeks. There are a number of canopy oak trees, springs, and mini rock canyons on the trail that add to the overall appeal too. You’ll be surprised you’re still in the heart of a large city! Pease Park and Duncan Park are also within Shoal Creek, which offer abundant recreational activities.

7. Southern Walnut Creek Trail

Austin’s Walnut Creek Trail is a 7.3-mile trail along the Walnut Creek Greenbelt. With bridges and smooth pavement, the Trail is a popular attraction for bikers.

8. Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail

With 5 miles of trails, Slaughter Creek is located in southwest Austin, out on the way to Driftwood. These trails are well designed, well maintained, and overall really easy to ride year-round. Horses are also permitted on this trail so you might see one of these animals on the way!

9. Tanglewood Park

This one’s for the kids! Tanglewood Park is a neighborhood gem and home to many families in northwest Austin. Although it is not a trail of seclusion, it is one where many Austinites can chat and meet new friends. The paved trail follows up a small hill to the waypoint pavilion that serves as a resting spot, as well as a place for picnics. Additionally there are basketball courts, fire pits, and a playground available around the paved trail.

10. Mary Moore Searight Park

The Mary Moore Searight Park is located in South Austin and is very accessible through the Slaughter Lane entrance. The park is close to Austin neighborhoods and I-35 yet far enough from the bustling noise of the city. There are pavilions for resting points and picnics as well as basketball and volleyball courts that are set up throughout the trail. Wildlife, such as roadrunners and deer, run past the trail. Be sure to stop and enjoy the scenery!

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