- November 9, 2015

This Epic Craigslist Ad For A 1993 Geo Metro Is Everything


Anyone in the market for a (very) used car? Because if you act now, for just $600, the most epic machine God ever created could be yours.

Don’t worry, we haven’t sold out to the dealerships. Here at Austin.com, we see it as our responsibility to not just curate local news and write articles about local businesses, but to also capture those moments of Weird that make our city so much fun. The ad below, featuring a 1993 Geo Metro, was first spotted by the eagle eyes at Reddit Austin. It is the first dose of Austin Weird that we’ve gotten this week, so we’re gonna make it count.

Our favorite bit: “The lapsed registration and inspection serve as a figurative middle finger to the oppressive authorities who demand you have a muffler and working turn signals. As Luke Skywalker used the Millennium Falcon to push back against the Empire, so will you use this car to push back against the Texas Department of Public Safety.”

Bravo, sir. Bravo. That passage was enough to make one Redditor remark: “Almost makes me want to drop the $600 for the shitbox, dude should be a salesman for a living.”

The screenshot below is from Austin Craigslist. Click it for a full-resolution view.