- March 15, 2016

This Austin Startup Can Predict Whether Your Dog Will Get Sick

Dog lovers will soon be able to learn more about all of the things that went into making their canine companions and how to use that information to help keep them healthy, thanks to Austin startup Embark Veterinary Inc., Austin Business Journal reports. Unlike DNA tests that are currently on the market, Embark goes further than just telling customers what breeds their dogs are, it uses DNA in order to tell you “its risk for over 100 genetic diseases so you can prevent problems before they occur,” according the the Embark website.

The Austin-based company presented at SXSW Interactive this morning at the panel Can Your Dog’s DNA Transform Human Health and Aging? with a discussion about “developing platforms that allow owners to become involved in canine genetic research with their own pets—by sending in DNA and information about their dog.” Which they hope “holds great promise for taking science outside the lab to make discoveries that impact canine, and likely human, health.”

The new tests have not hit the market yet, but interested pet parents can reserve a kit online now.