- November 16, 2016

This Austin Birthday Boy and Friends Dove Right Into a Kiddie Pool Full of Nachos

OK, maybe not with their bodies, but with their hands and mouths.

Proving that Austin isn’t just about tacos, 23-year-old Trini Martinez hosted the nacho pool party off of East 12th Street as the first big birthday bash of his life — and boy, was it memorable. MySA.com first told Martinez’s story on their site where they called him a “cooking enthusiast and Chipotle manager.”

There, he was quoted as saying “I want to be very clear that no one thought this was a good idea. They said ‘I don’t know man, that sounds kind of ridiculous.’”

Ridiculously awesome is more like it. In all, Martinez used a 6-foot-wide kiddie pool (that he had to special order since they aren’t readily available in October), 25 bags of chips, 20 pounds of beans, 6 gallons of queso, and 30 pounds of pico de gallo.

From MySA.com:

His friends’ qualms about the chips being “too soggy” or the idea being “unsanitary,” were buried under the mounds of cheesy, crunchy goodness the night of the party.

“I was thinking ‘aww, man, I should’ve just bought the keg,'” Martinez said. “But, everyone ate it, it was gone — gone by the end of the night […] they were so stoked, they loved it.”

Martinez said the nachos tasted “amazing,” thanks to his welita’s recipe and secret ingredient: garlic in everything.

If you’re wondering what it takes to pull off such a masterpiece, it took Martinez about $200 and three weeks to for the project. Originally his plan was just to buy a keg or just fill the pool with queso, but he wanted to make a big splash for his first big birthday party — plus he needed to find a way to feed his 75 drunk friends.

While 75 is a lot of drunk friends to feed, it seems like he may have even more open mouths for his next big party. MySA.com reports that he’s been getting a lot of attention from sites like Insider, as well as from people in the Austin community who have been buying him drinks when they see him out.

Of course, after this successful attempt, Martinez wants to try making the giant nacho platter again. He doesn’t quite have the funds to go at it again, just yet, but is certainly open to sponsorships.

Featured photo screenshot from Insider