- April 25, 2018

This 2018 Austin School Guide Has All The Educational Options Your Child Could Ever Need!

It can be difficult sorting through all the educational opportunities a community like Austin can afford its young citizens, what with all the private and charter schools available today, on top of some truly stellar public schools in town. Wouldn’t it help if there were a comprehensive Austin school guide? Well, you’re in luck!

2018 Private & Charter School Guide

Click the image above to view the guide.

We recognize the need for some guidance in the booming Austin educational scene. That’s why Free Fun in Austin has partnered with Nurture My Child to bring you this special Austin school guide for 2018!

The guide offers a comprehensive rundown of private and charter schools in Austin and the surrounding areas, organized by ZIP code to help you easily find out what’s close to home.

The Austin school guide also includes an in-depth article that explores the various offerings available to children attending public, private, and charter schools in central Texas, helping parents decide whether that extra expense for a specialized curriculum is worth it.

If you’re ready to jump in and see the Austin school guide for yourself, click on the image above. (If you’re having trouble opening that page, you can also download the Austin school guide as a PDF file right here.)

The Nurture My Child website also has a comprehensive database of Austin schools that you can search through and sort by ZIP code, grade, gender, accreditation, curriculum, and more. Check it out right here!