- April 3, 2020

Teachers Will Die Laughing At This Lady’s Rendition Of ‘Help!’ By The Beatles

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Diana Sorbo, a teacher from Colorado, has perfectly illustrated through song what teaching online is like.

Captioned, “Teacher friends. In unity. 👊🏻🤦‍♀️,” the parody song is set to the tune of “Help” by The Beatles.

My favorite part has to be when she sings, “At least now I can teach while laying down.” No, wait, it’s when she says, “How do I mute that Google alert chat sound?” Actually, the entire thing is brilliant.

Watch the ode to teachers everywhere here:

She later edited her caption to thank everyone who views the video to include this message:

Dear Everyone… I must be honest, I thought only my Mom would watch this. Clearly we need a bit of ridiculous, some joy, and perhaps a chuckle right now. Thank you for your lovely comments – I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed and are sharing! We’ve got this. May we be back with our students soon.