- August 19, 2021

Suffering From Back to School Stress? Here Are Some Tips To Help Keep You Calm


Getting the kids (and yourself) ready to go back to school is stressful every year. This year brings even more challenges. That’s why we asked our wellness expert Gustavo Padron to share some tips on how to keep your calm amidst all the back to school stress.

Here are 5 tips to help you deal with back to school stress!

Make Time to Talk

If you or your child is feeling stressed out and overwhelmed about going back to school, it’s important for you both to voice it out. Talking about it can help everyone process emotions.


When you start to feel the anxiety build up, pause and honor the feelings that are present for you. Use your breath to transform this energy and help you feel more at ease. My favorite breathing technique is 4-7-8. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold the breath for 7 counts, breath out for 8 counts.

Get Organized

Designate a place to keep all school supplies. Remind the kids (and yourself) to regularly keep items in this designated space. Set out uniforms, clothing items, masks, etc. so that the morning runs more smoothly (easier said than done, we know).

Get Enough Sleep

I get it, your body might still be used to that summer routine of waking up late/ going to bed late. Make an effort to get back to your pre-summer sleeping schedule. Getting enough sleep will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated while improving your focus.

Spend Quality Time Together

Carve out 30 minutes to one hour for a fun activity after school. This is important for both of you. Having a hobby and or dedicating time to doing something we love is crucial at any age to prevent burnout.

Looking for events you can take part in around town? Check out our Free Fun in Austin calendar. While events are being canceled as of late, there are still many outside/ socially distanced activities happening. Please keep in mind that as things are constantly changing, we recommend you contact event organizers to confirm details.

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