- March 7, 2017

Retr0gRaDe Releases Spicy and Sultry New Single ‘Body Heat’


Retr0gRaDe is a collaboration between Austin musicians MC RuDi Devino and producer Retr05pect. Writing tracks that feature smooth beats and a small dose of sultriness, Retr0gRaDe’s latest single, “Body Heat,” from the band’s new self-titled record, is a song you can’t stop playing.

While listening, we hear a flawless collaboration full of creativity and warm synths that make the song stand out. Everything is perfectly executed on this track, making it a gem of a listen for local music fans. Bringing together a variety of different influences throughout the hip hop genre, we are excited to hear more from Retr0gRaDe in the future.

Check out the music video for “Body Heat” below.

Featured photo: Retr0gRaDe

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