- March 10, 2021

Ready For A Texas Road Trip? Here Are Some Essentials Every Family Needs


Are you gearing up for summer break? Perhaps you are planning a family road trip? A change of scenery is always good for the soul! Whether you are in it for the long haul or just a quick trip, we’ve got you covered with the top five must haves. (PS – you can visit this Amazon Store to find all of these items and more).

Here are some road trip essentials every family needs to bring along!

1 – A Yeti Cooler

Austin born and based brand Yeti builds these things better than anyone else out there. They provide the ability for ice to stay frozen and your food to stay cold for at least 48 hours. We are blown away at how amazing these coolers really are. 

2 – Insulated Water Bottles

While this seems like common sense, unless you keep track of ounces, you really don’t realize how much water each person actually drinks. The last thing you want to have to do is stop just to buy water. Be sure to pack one for each person!

3 – Band-Aids and Neosporin

Without fail, someone will need a band-aid and, of course, some ointment to go with it. Of all the first aid items in a kit, band-aids are the most used. 

4 – Compostable and Recyclable Trash Bags

No matter how many people are in the car, trash always seems to pile up. Little ones, big ones… trash happens. We like to place a bag in the backseat so that the kids can access. Try keeping another in the front for recyclables. 

5 – Car Bingo

A road trip isn’t complete without the old standby of car bingo. Below are a few that we’ve tried and loved. 

And remember, you can’t road trip without a stop at Buc-ee’s!
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Featured photo via Vova Krasilnikov from Pexels