- January 10, 2017

Need A Fresh Start In 2017? Check Out These Vintage Austin Furniture Finds!


A new year means a new chance to tackle a project you’ve been putting off, and what better place to start than in your own home? Furniture is one of the best varieties of fashion accessories for the home, and items that are new to you don’t have to come from a department store or IKEA.

There’s no shortage of standout, timeless pieces scattered throughout Austin. A touch of vintage adds a world of charm. Not only is shopping vintage practical, it’s smart, differentiating, and kinder to our earth. The key is knowing the hacks and local havens that spare your wallet without compromising your taste. In that spirit, check out these treasure hunting tips made possible by your local Austin experts:

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

Revamping your space for the new year doesn’t require you to rid yourself of all of your favorite things. All it takes to get a fresh new look is a little bit of rearranging and a few killer additions. Play musical chairs with your furniture. Dust it off, and give it a new home. We’re all about balancing and blending both worlds and making your old items make sense.


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Sit Pretty

Austin excels in seating options — I mean really just nails it. You’ll likely be tempted to snatch up every loveseat in sight, but remember, while aesthetics are important, functionality is key. Consider size first, but also a strong design that carries and complements the rest of the space. Easily add additional seating with floor poufs and pillows and arrange the setup so that it’s oriented in conversation groups and not just facing the television. And because a throw signifies comfort, toss one or two in the mix.

Tufted peach ❤️seat $175 59" long X 32" deep X 28" tallSOLD

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Lighten the Mood

Offer a variety of lighting in every room. Include task lighting as well as ambient fixtures to set the appropriate tone. Hang a mirror opposite a window. Bounce light around the room, making the space feel airier. Add vertical interest with a really tall tree and cluster candles to provide a powerful sense of place. Draw in more light with curtain ties or add unexpected style above small windows. Reinforce an underused color in the form of a lava lamp, and see your sanctuary in a whole new, late-night light.


Keep Austin Homes Weird

Life imitates art, so incorporating the right collection into your home can pose a challenge. Pick a focal point and craft a well-curated stack that suits. Vary the texture of the pieces in your room. Place jumbo prints in unforeseen places. Take advantage of wall space by displaying thoughtfully arranged figurines, publications, and found objects. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take risks, even in rooms that are meant to be formal. Never boring is never overrated.



Find Furniture with Good Bones

For the pieces that get the most action in your home, you want to make sure you pick right. Search for sound structure and rich textiles. Place your bed in a commanding position. And make use of all of your decorating space by forcing each piece to go on double duty.


Clean Slated Kitchen

In the same way jewelry can up the outfit ante, new hardware can effortlessly transform a kitchen. Mix and match your metals in excellent taste. Roll in a bar cart to complement the modern look or work in rustic elements to instantly add warmth and character.

In Austin, it’s easier than ever to find uncommon pieces for a one-of-a-kind look, so why not show them off? Remove upper cabinet doors to add a sense of spaciousness and showcase the second-hand china you scooped from South Congress.


Insider Hack

Go straight to the source! Utilize apps like Letgo or classifieds such as Craigslist, and peruse the hidden treasure Austinites are housing in your immediate area. Typically, sellers are in a bind and prices are lower than on the storefront. Adopt an antique. There are plenty of items that would find themselves at home in your apartment. Now that’s Southern hospitality.

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