Napping Raccoon Becomes Subject of Special Rescue Mission by AFD

Austin firefighters got to perform one of those sterotypically adorable duties of rescuing an animal from a tree yesterday, but this time the cat up the tree happened to be a raccoon up a pole. Sometimes, particularly after a big lunch of leftover tacos, you just need to take a nap somewhere, anywhere, and that’s just what this little masked bandit did-he took a nap on the top of a light pole on Hwy 71.

KXAN reports that a concerned citizen was worried that the raccoon, we’ll call him Bergie since he was found near the airport, would fall off of the pole and cause a traffic incident, so they called the fire department for assistance.

The fire fighters, Dean Murphy and Chelsea Caloia, probably murmured something along the lines of “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” as they ushered the little guy away to safety and then handed him over to Animal Control.