- December 9, 2016

Major Major Major Bring Fresh New Sound To Austin With ‘Not A Murderer’


Beginning with the cheery opening track “Not A Murderer” on their new record PG-13 Movie, Austin band Major Major Major sets the stage to introduce new listeners to their infectious indie pop songs that provide a fresh perspective to Austin’s music community.

Instead of sounding choppy, the band plays together well, bringing together springy guitar riffs and drums that lay the foundation that the track is built on. Vocally, Major Major Major sound as strong as ever, as front man Adrian Sebastian makes the song extremely appealing on the vocal front, with his confidence and mellow emotion keeping things moving smoothly. Given the band’s abilities, it’s amazing that the group only consists of two musicians, since they sound like a full band ready to take on the world.

Listen to “Not A Murderer” below.

Featured photo: Major Major Major


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