- October 3, 2022

Kendra Scott Shares Story of Struggle and Success In Her Book “Born To Shine”


Kendra Scott is telling her truth in a new book titled “Born to Shine.” The Austin based jewelry designer not only shares her story of starting what grew to become a multi-million dollar company but she also writes about her personal struggles, finding joy and how you too can build a life you love.

Over the years, we’ve spoke with Kendra many times, but our favorite chat happened in 2019 after she announced the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute at The University of Texas at Austin.

Kendra Scott

When asked about the hardest part about being a woman in business, the “Shark Tank” judge said, “The biggest lesson I have learned as a female founder is that women put this unattainable pressure on themselves to be perfect. Sometimes we are so afraid of making mistakes or showing our weaknesses, that we let that hold us back from our true potential.” This is something expanded upon in the book, with Kendra offering quite a bit of advice on how to be brave in the face of fear and failure, embracing imperfection and learning to not “just smile and play it safe.”

We also asked her how has basing her business in Austin helped her succeed? In the early days of the business, she said people told her that if she wanted to succeed, she had to get out of Austin and move to LA or NYC – but she knew that wasn’t right for her.

“I started my business in Austin walking my handmade jewelry from store to store. I always joke that if I had been in any other city, they would have laughed me out the door, or maybe even called the police!” Kendra told us. “But not in Austin. Austin gave me a chance.”

You can learn more about how Austin has played such an important part in both Kendra Scott’s personal and professional life in her book “Born to Shine,” available now.