- June 19, 2017

Dude Elsberry Drops Warm But Frenzied Track ‘Chasing’


Dude Elsberry is an Austin act made of young twenty-somethings trying to stand out among the plethora of bands within Austin. After releasing two previous EPs in 2016 — Demos and Other Things and Snail — the group is back with their first full length album, Hon.

The record’s second track, “Chasing,” has a sense of urgency to it. As the skittering drum fills create the feeling of quick movement, like running, the listener is taken on a wild ride. It’s backed with a mixture of warm and at times frenzied guitar riffs that allow Dude Elsberry’s creativity ito be felt right from the start.

Listen to “Chasing” below.

Featured photo: Dude Elsberry

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