- January 24, 2017

Blushing Aims To Take Fans Away With New Song ‘Mess’


Austin band Blushing, which formed in 2015, consists of two husband and wife teams that share a love of dreamy take-me-away music. With their new track, “Mess,” from their latest release Tether, they’ve managed to convey this feeling perfectly. While not much happens throughout the song’s six-minute run time, Blushing’s hypnotic and woozy dream-pop sound becomes a memorable one, with soft female vocals bringing all of its components together.

While the band is already starting to make headlines around town, it would be amazing if this group would get some notice elsewhere too. They are an asset to the dream-pop genre and will be well loved on the national stage.

Listen to “Mess” below.


Tether by Blushing


Featured photo courtesy of Blushing


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