Check Out These Bevo-Approved Holiday Gift Ideas For UT Austin Fans!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the rear view, you may have already finished your Christmas shopping and scooped up some epic discounts while you were at it. If that’s you, then nice work! We applaud you for your expert preparedness and want you on our Austin zombie apocalypse survival team. For many of us, though, the holiday gift search has only just begun and we’ll probably be shopping right up until the last minute to find perfect presents for our loved ones.

We’ve got multiple gift lists and Christmas guides up on the site — and even some romantic holiday date ideas for you and your sweetie — so be sure to check all of those out at your leisure.

However, if you’re brainstorming what to get someone who loves the University of Texas, look no further than this list of UT- and Longhorn-themed items. Hopefully, we’ll save you some valuable time with this!

Bling For Their Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy University Co-op

What’s our first and most obvious suggestion for what you should give the Longhorn fan in your life? Why, it’s a UT-themed Christmas tree ornament, of course! The University Co-Op and Texas Longhorns Official Shop both have tons of options ranging between $3 and $63, so definitely be sure to browse there, but don’t forget to look at Etsy’s offerings, too.

Our favorite picks from the Co-Op are this Burnt Orange Swirl ball from Glass Eye Studio ($25; shown above), this State of Texas Silhouette ornament from Topperscott ($8), and pretty much everything from Kitty Keller Designs. Meanwhile, we’re also partial to the art-glass ($7) and LED ($7) ornaments at the Longhorns’ store. Check ’em out!

Something They Can Snuggle Up With


As temperatures drop — yes, for you non-locals, it actually does happen here in Texas — your Longhorn fan will inevitably get cold, even in the comfort of their own home or dorm room. Fortunately, with just a little forward thinking, you can ensure that they stay cozy all winter by getting them a brand new fleece blanket for Christmas. Even better if it’s Longhorn-themed.

We love this Texas Longhorn Ultra Soft Blanket ($20) from Sue Patrick and there are plenty of snuggly blankets to choose from at the University Co-op, including their best-selling Texas Longhorn Sherpa Blanket ($50). At the Longhorns’ official store, you’ll even find a kind of ridiculous but oh-so-practical wearable “Comfy Throw” blanket ($22).

Stuffed animals also fall into this category, regardless of whether your UT fan is in grade school or just a kid at heart. We’re especially impressed by this fuzzy lil’ Bevo ($25) from the Co-Op. Adorable.

A Spiffy New Wallet or Handbag


If your UT fan is a guy, chances are good that he’ll appreciate a nice leather wallet with a big ol’ longhorn on it, but don’t discount this gift suggestion for UT-loving ladies. Wallets can also be super practical for women who would prefer not to carry a bag. Between the Co-Op, the Longhorns’ online store, and Etsy, you’ll have your pick of style options for both wallets and purses!

As far as we can tell, the Co-Op sells our favorite wallet. It’s the Texas Longhorn Legacy Flip Bifold Front Pocket Wallet ($45). Super classy. And as far as handbags go, we seriously dig this Carolina Sewn Texas Longhorns Westbridge  Leather Tote ($190) from Dick’s Sporting Goods and this adorable “hoodie” tote ($34) from the Longhorns’ official store.

A Classy Computer Bag or Briefcase

Perhaps your Texas Longhorns fan is a current student who needs a trusty backpack or briefcase to tote their computer and books between classes, or perhaps they’re long since graduated but still enjoy repping UT at work. If you’ve got some extra dollars budgeted out for them, why not buy them a nice new computer backpack or briefcase?


Dick’s Sporting Goods is currently selling a beautiful leather laptop bag: the Carolina Sewn Texas Longhorns Westbridge Leather Rucksack ($270). The Co-Op’s options are a little less pricey but still boast quite a bit of class. From their lineup of Canyon products, we really love the Canyon Longhorn Leather Briefcase ($186), and their Texas Longhorn Brown Portfolio Briefcase ($160).

Now, if business-level presentation isn’t quite as important, we’ve found plenty of cheaper, non-leather options too, such as this sleek backpack by Logo Brands ($40) from the Co-Op and this old school book bag from the Longhorns’ official store ($25).

Something Warm For Accessorizing

Winter might be coming slowly, but when it does finally hit, your UT fan will no doubt wish that they owned some clothing accessories to help to seal out some of the chill. To that end, think about buying them a hat, scarf or wrap, or a pair of gloves!

Our top hat picks from the Co-Op are the State of Texas Patch Vintage Trucker Hat ($22), Burnt Orange Hipster Knit Beanie ($15) and these two amazing UT Knit Tobogan ($22) and Fleece Trapper ($30) hats. We also really like this Rustic Trucker 9FIFTY Adjustable Snapback Hat ($23) from the Longhorns’ official shop.

15467-default-lFor scarves and shawls, we’d like to draw your attention to the Bethel International and Emerson Street collections at the Co-Op. There’s some really cute stuff available there for those who’d enjoy adding some orange to their winter ensembles.

Watercolor scarf, anyone (pictured above, $25)?

The Longhorns’ official store also has three infinity scarf styles in stock, including this unique reversible plaid snap-on one ($29) — how cool is that? Oh, and we’re buying a pair of these awesome Nike stadium gloves ($22-23) from them like now.

Stuff To Wear Around The House


Trendy clothing accessories are great, but sometimes your UT fan will just want to curl up on the couch or in front of the fireplace and forget the world. Enable your loved one’s chill while keeping them focused on what matters — their beloved alma mater — by giving them snuggly Longhorn loungewear.

In our opinion, you pretty much can’t go wrong with these Ladies Longhorn Sherpa Moccasin Slippers ($26) and we don’t see why every Texas fan shouldn’t own some comfortable burnt orange pajamas (Co-Op, Longhorn Planet: men; women, Longhorns’ shop) or a bath robe (men’s Facade Robe ($55), Plaid Flannel ($57); women’s Facade Robe ($50)).

You could even buy them a “Mansie” ($50)… seriously, what dude doesn’t want one of those?

A Bottle For On The Go Hydration


It might be chilly now, but pretty soon, your Longhorn fan is going to be battling that classic Texas heat and humidity. Keep them hydrated and help them show their support for UT at work, school or the gym by buying them one of the Co-Op’s sleek Texas Longhorns Stainless Steel Bottles ($28) or 32 oz Wide Mouth Nalgenes ($15).

Both Longhorn Planet and the Longhorns’ official store are selling the 24oz Tritan Flip Lid Bottle ($13-14.50) for those who prefer that style, and the Co-Op has a .75L Camelbak version ($22).

Wall Art Inspired By Those Forty Acres


It’s pretty much a given that if you love something, you’re going to enjoy that something memorialized in a piece of artwork and displayed on your wall. With that in mind, consider getting your UT fan a poster or mural to decorate their home, office, or dorm room. You’ll probably find the most unique pieces from random artists on Etsy, but the Co-Op and Longhorns’ official store have some amazing options too.

One great example is the the Paulson collection at the Co-Op. We really love the whimsical My Heart My Home ($30), UT Love ($27), and Texas Hearts ($28) canvas prints, the lovely Texas Watercolors Canvas Print ($28), and the oh-so-perfect Heart of Texas Canvas Print ($28). So much yes!

You could even get your Longhorn fan a legitimate UT flag ($40). Just saying.

Burnt Orange Outerwear or a T-Shirt


Perhaps the easiest and most comfortable way that your UT fan can demonstrate their school spirit is to wear some Longhorn outerwear or a T-shirt. If you decide to choose between the shirts and jackets available at the Co-Op (men; women), the Longhorns’ official shop (women; men), countless sports products retailers like and, and yes, even Victoria’s Secret, we’re totally behind you, but know this — you’ve got your work cut out for you because there are thousands of products out there!

In the market for T-shirts in particular? You could get a standard Texas Longhorns shirt from any number of online stores. They’re awesome… or you could buy this genius Hook ‘Em Star Wars T-Shirt featuring Darth Vader ($24) from the Co-Op. Just make sure to tell your loved one that you bought them the shirt because “you found their lack of burnt orange disturbing.” That’s key.

A University of Texas Phone Case


In today’s digital age where connectivity has become insanely important, we all want our phones to stay safe from impact and water damage with protective cases, but most of us don’t buy just any old case. We choose colors and styles that fit our personalities and tastes — and your UT fan is no different.

This Christmas, think about getting him or her an awesome new cell phone case that embodies their love for the Texas Longhorns. The Co-Op and Longhorns’ official store stock applicable cases for phones of all different types, but for the iPhone 6, our ultimate pick is this Texas Wood iPhone 6 Case ($26; shown right). We think it’s totally lovely!

Something To Longhorn-ify Their Pet


Does your UT fan have a beloved pet? Then your gift should be a no-brainer! Get their dog or cat a Longhorn collar, leash, or harness, or an adorable burnt orange pet bandana. Etsy is a perfect place to shop for unique, handcrafted pet collars, bowties, bandanas and other pet accessories which your loved one can use to Longhorn-ify their furry companion.

Closer to home, the Co-Op is also currently selling this stylish leather dog collar ($25) and we really ruff this Longhorns pet bandana collar ($12), this Mesh Pet Jersey ($28), and this adorable Dog Cap ($10.50).

A Cool Drinking Glass or Coffee Mug


There’s no faster way to warm up than by drinking some hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, so it would probably be a good idea to think about getting your UT fan a brand new Longhorn-themed coffee mug!

Predictably, the Co-Op has tons of great options, including a Campfire Mug ($12), a Wide Mouth Coffee Mug ($10), and some real nice looking etched mugs such as the Home Sweet Home Mug ($17). They’ve also got some great glasses for drinking alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Our top picks are the Square Rocks Glass ($13) and the State of Texas and Austin Locations and Symbols frosted glasses ($13) from CatStudio.

The Longhorns’ store is selling a glass Longhorn Mason Jar ($12) that we straight up love, and don’t even get us started on all of the unique, handcrafted epicness that you can find on Etsy.

Jewelry Infused With The Spirit of Bevo


Everyone loves tasteful jewelry — guys included — so you should definitely think about buying your University of Texas-loving friend or family member a new necklace, bracelet, or ring. James Avery sells a pretty sweet Texas Longhorn Charm ($36) and all you’ve gotta do is search for “Texas Longhorn Leather” in the Jewelry section of and you’ll soon find yourself fist-pumping and shouting, “YAS QUEEN!”

You should also visit the many amazing boutiques and art markets located around Austin because they’re pretty much guaranteed to carry some amazing jewelry items! In particular, check out this Longhorn Skull Pendant ($48) from Luxe Apothetique and these super cute 14K Yellow Gold ($330) or Sterling Silver ($135) Tiny Texas Earrings from Eliza Page.

A Subscription to Horns Illustrated

Every passionate Texas Longhorns sports fan needs a subscription to Horns Illustrated, a print and online magazine that goes in depth into everything involving University of Texas sports, including interviews with athletes and coaches, game previews and analyses, and events calendars.

You’ll pay $50 for one year’s worth of print magazines, $8 per month for online only access, or $80 per year for both of those packages and added perks! Sign your UT fan up here.

Season Tickets To Longhorn Athletics


But perhaps you don’t just want to equip your UT fan to only read about their favorite team kicking butt and taking names. Maybe you’d like to get them right in the action supporting their favorite teams and players with tickets to see a particular game.

Heck, you could even buy them season tickets to their favorite Longhorn sport if you’ve got the cash. Whatever you choose, you can buy ’em here!

Stuff To Fancy Up Their Car


Got a Longhorn fan who loves their car? Then you could get them a number of different gifts including a license plate frame, steering wheel cover, seat covers, emblem, magnet, or decal.

Personally, we dig the Co-op’s Longhorn Edition Chrome Auto Emblem ($25), but there’s plenty of other emblem, magnet, and decal options where that one came from. We also like the Silver Domed Car License Plate Frame ($17) from Longhorn Planet and this awesome Texas Longhorns Wordmark Steering Wheel Cover ($20) from the Longhorn’s official shop.

Additionally, Texas Exes sells a legit Chrome Auto Emblem ($20), car decals (order at 1-800-369-0023), personalized license plates ($35-90), and license plate frames (order at 1-800-369-0023), so definitely look into getting one of those!

A Bunch of Smaller “Stocking Stuffers”


Sometimes it’s hard to decide on one big thing to buy your loved one. So why not curate a basket of smaller UT-themed goodies for your Longhorns fan?

Think car decals and magnets, reusable bags, bottle openers, drink cozies, key lanyards, flip-flops, socks, candles, nail polish, keychains, playing cards, mini hoopball sets, seat cushions, beach towels, and other random odds and ends on Etsy and at the University Co-Op, the Longhorns’ official store (under $10, $10-20), and Longhorn Planet. These are all great smaller gifts that won’t put too much strain on your bank account.

Happy holidays to you and your UT fan — and good luck!


Featured photo: Flickr user Jeff Weese, CC licensed