- May 31, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Reacts to Trump Guilty Verdict and More at Consensus 2024 in Austin


US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke in Austin on Thursday at the Consensus 2024 convention. During his 45 minute panel, the environmental lawyer spoke about the Trump verdict, the future of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, and more.

Here are a just few highlights from the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appearance in Austin.

His thoughts on the Trump verdict:

“I think this is the weakest case people brought against him, my belief is that it will end up helping President Trump among a large part of the American public.”

Speaking on the Judicial branch of the government:

“The judges have one eye on the press and on the political system. And they’re not supposed to but they are. It’s just a fact that they’re sensitive about that. And I would say they’re more (in)sensitized right now than at any time, at least, since the gilded age.”

When asked about a convicted felon running for office:

“Technically, if you were in prison, convicted of murder or some other (hedonistical?) crime, you could still hold the office as President of the United States. Is that a good rule? I don’t know. But that’s the rule.”

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Message regarding Trump being pro-crypto:

“The more people that recognize the importance of cryptocurrency, bitcoin in particular, in my view. The importance of having decentralized currencies that can reinvigorate our country. That can make our country once again a hub for innovation for entrepreneurship. That can re-democratize our economy, make our economy more transparent and giving individuals power. Power to hold onto their wealth without delusion. Power to transport wealth across borders without the government confiscating it from you. And, also, the importance having some kind of root in a base currency that will keep us out of war.”

“All of that, the more and more Americans who understand that that is the promise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the better it is.”

“I’m really happy that President Trump is now on board.”

Talking about issues currently facing cryptocurrency:

“We need sovereignty over our own wallets, transactional freedom, and a currency that is transparent. We need to make sure America remains the hub of blockchain technology. I’m going to make sure crypto currency is regulated in a way that protects the consumer from deceptive schemes.”

Son of U.S. Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and nephew of 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy, RFK Jr., is a member of one of America’s most influential political dynasties. After dropping his democratic bid for President in October of last year, he is now campaigning as an independent candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Throughout his campaign, he has been a vocal advocate for cryptocurrency and recently proposed putting the entire U.S. budget on the blockchain.

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