- May 29, 2024

Drones Light Up Austin Skyline During City-Wide Takeover


​Beam me up, Scotty! The city of Austin added another historical achievement on Tuesday
evening as 300 drones took over downtown Austin and produced a galaxy-themed showcase
above the Austin skyline.

A first in the city’s history, the bespoke public event took place during CoinDesk Consensus 2024. The annual event contributes to Austin’s evolving landscape and culture of supporting local innovation and technologies that keep Austin, well, Austin.

Drones over Austin. Photo by Andrew Rossow.

Sky Elements, the leading drone show provider in the United States, executed the show
in partnership with the city of Austin. This dazzling drones display requires meticulous coordination with multiple city departments to ensure a seamless and awe-inspiring performance.

Austin.com attended and watched the show from SKYBOX on 6th and we can confirm, it was out of this world.

Hosted by Forbes Web3 and TakeOver, the event offered the 1,500+ attendees of the conference a remarkable experience way beyond just “another party.”

Since its establishment in 2022, TakeOver has distinguished itself in the realm of community
development by cultivating dynamic, bespoke experiences through creative executions that are thoughtful, on-brand collaborations with local vendors.

Photo by Andrew Rossow.

For those lucky Austinites who witnessed the light show, there were, in fact, UFOs in Austin’s atmosphere. Thankfully, it wasn’t an “Independence Day” style situation!

The Austin takeover was supported by Delta Blockchain Fund, Shrapnel, Mutant Labs,
Metaplex, and Steady Stack. Part of an unconventional marketing effort, the event demonstrates an alternative marketing approach produced alongside leader in AI and digital identity management solutions Galxe (pronounced ‘Galaxy’).

In an interview with Austin.com, founder of TakeOver Shahreen “Katz” Ahmed said, “We’re breaking our own standards and forming new ones. When people come to our event, they’re
not just attending another party – they’re experiencing something unique. Our goal is to start a
social club where people genuinely enjoy the experience.”

Katz also expressed her gratitude, saying, “[t]his is my first Consensus conference and
TakeOver event in Austin. Working with local vendors and city officials has been incredible.
Austin has a strong, welcoming culture. Local Austinites are builders and they’re hungry, and
we couldn’t have chosen a better city for our first home state event.”

Following the Consensus 2024 conference, TakeOver x Forbes Web3 will continue to bring their
unique events to NSCC in Cleveland (July 24 through 28), VeeCon in Los Angeles (August 9 through 11), Comic Con in New York (October 17 through 20), and Art Basel in Miami (December 6 through 8).

For more information, visit Forbes Web3 and TakeOver.

This article was contributed by Andrew Rossow. Andrew is a journalist in Austin, bringing his vibrancy and flair for emerging technology and culture to local shape shifting trends and experiences that are designed to give back to Austin’s local community. You can follow him on IG at @cyberguyesq.

Featured photo credit: Lisa Hause Photography