Michael Roberts

10 Austin Activities to Indulge Your Inner Child

When the stress and strain of being an adult gets to you, there’s nothing quite like pretending you’re a kid again. Even if just for a few moments, the worries of “adulting” can melt away if you allow yourself to transport back in time to when you ha... Read More...

Austin Road Trip Guide: Houston Edition

The Houston metropolitan area is one of the nation’s largest population centers, so it makes sense that wealthy Houstonians make their second homes and take their Formula 1 weekend getaways in Austin. But it isn’t just the oil barons and business tyc... Read More...

Austin Road Trip Guide: San Antonio Edition

San Antonio and Austin have always had a bit of a rivalry. They have the Alamo. We have the Capitol. They have the Riverwalk. We have Sixth Street. They have the Spurs. We have the Longhorns. And we both have breakfast tacos. Who can forget the gr... Read More...
Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts


Michael has lived in Austin for more than a decade. He enjoys writing and ghostwriting about a wide variety of subjects.