- December 29, 2017

10 Reasons To Spend A Day At The Texas Capitol

The Texas Capitol building is the crown jewel of downtown Austin. All Texans can find enjoyment in the expansive grounds, numerous monuments and striking Italian Renaissance Revival architecture. A pilgrimage to this pink granite building is a must for all Texans, native and newbies alike. And while you shouldn’t need any convincing to make the trip, here are 10 reasons to visit the Texas Capitol.

10.) The Texas Capitol’s ornate hardware will stop you in your tracks

Designed by architect Elijah E. Myers in 1881, the building is ornate and elegant. Carved door-knobs on the heavy exterior doors welcome those arriving, transporting them in time to a European city. Doorknobs, handrails and kick plates are just a few of the hardware pieces that decorate the Texas Capitol. You may think you look silly bending over to stare at the end of a handrail, but we promise you’re not the first person to do that. Texans have been doing it since construction was completed in 1888.