- August 10, 2018

10 Restaurants to Keep You Cool In The Austin Heat

Sometimes the heat in Austin is flat out unbearable. No matter how you try to cool yourself down, sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from sweating. Many years, Austin is hot nine out of 12 months. Air conditioning is a blessing, but sometimes you need to relieve yourself from the inside out by eating some cool, chilled, or frozen foods.

Here at Austin.com, we have just the places for you to get that relief! Save the barbecue for another day, and check out these 10 Austin restaurants to keep you cool when the outside temperatures are unbearable.

10. Gelateria Gemelli

Italian ice cream packed with big flavor meant to be enjoyed in small bites is exactly what you get in the gelato at Gelateria Gemelli. In addition to authentic gelato, this place serves coffee and cocktails to make your gelato experience even more memorable. Their stylish shop will be the perfect backdrop for your #gelato social media post.

Address: 1009 East 6th Street  

9. Upper Crust Bakery  


You see Upper Crust Bakery in an Austin food article, and you think we’re going to highlight their awesome pastries. Nope. Those beauties will have to wait for another article. No, we’re turning you onto lunch at Upper Crust. Their deli sandwiches are just the entree to fill you up without weighing you down before you head back to the office. Order their daily special, and your wallet will be as happy as your tummy.

Address: 4508 Burnet Road

8. Launderette  

Relatively new restaurant Launderette has quickly racked up some high praise its food. For example, Food & Wine named Launderette Austin’s restaurant of the year in 2016. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Save room for dessert because you’ll want to chill out with their feta cheesecake. If all that doesn’t entice you, how about the chance to eat award winning food in a converted laundromat? Now, make that reservation.

Address: 2115 Holly Street

7. Cold Cookie Company


At first blush, cold cookies don’t sound all that appetizing. But when you realize Cold Cookie Company serves premium ice cream between scratch baked cookies, you’ll look forward to a little chill on those cookies. They’re just a short walk west of The Drag at 26th and Rio Grande Streets.

Address: 2512 Rio Grande Street  

6. Bullfight

Chef and restaurateur Shawn Cirkiel is at it again with Bullfight. His other restaurants — Parkside, the backspace, and Olive & June — are local favorites, and Bullfight is sure to join them. Their Spanish-style tapas are meant for sharing, and you’ll be amazed at the tantalizing selections. For those hot days, try Bullfight’s tomato gazpacho to keep you cool.

Address: 4807 Airport Boulevard

5. Your neighborhood snow cone stand


Snow cone stands pop up around Austin just before the weather gets hot. And we all know Austin snow cone stands help you beat the heat. Purveyors of these tasty treats know that as the temperatures rise, the more likely you are to stop by for a snow cone. You probably don’t have to venture too far from your house to find a snow cone stand, but if you’re looking for a stand to try, head to Sweet Caroline’s Snow Shack, Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs or Sno-Beach.

4. Kula Revolving Sushi Bar


Kula Revolving Sushi Bar has finally made it to Austin. This place combines dim sum dining with technology. What could be more Austin? Sushi plates travel along a conveyor belt through the restaurant, and you pick up what you want. Simple, right? Don’t worry about picking a skunky piece of sushi. They let the dishes sit for a specified amount of time, and then they toss them. And if you don’t like what you see rolling by, you can order exactly what you want, and it comes to your table on a separate conveyor.

Address: 6929 Airport Boulevard  

3. Quality Seafood Market


Any food delivered on a bed of ice has to keep you cool. And if you’re an oyster lover, head over to Quality Seafood Market. Part fish market and part restaurant, this place has you covered whether you want them to wrap up your raw seafood or plate it.

Address: 5621 Airport Boulevard  

2. Nau’s Enfield Drug


Step back in time at Nau’s Enfield Drug to when pharmacies did triple duty as drug stores, diners, and malt shops. When you step in from the blazing Austin heat, your first order of business is to ask for a chocolate malt. Once you have that in hand, you’ll be ready to review their grill menu or ask the pharmacist for a consultation.

Address: 1115 West Lynn Street

1. Curra’s Grill

Do you like avocados? How about margaritas? Well, Curra’s Grill has been making headlines all over the world because they’ve combined the two into an avocado margarita. So when you go there, make sure you start your Mexican meal in an authentically Austin way!

Address: 614 East Oltorf Street


Featured photo courtesy of Curra’s Grill.