- May 16, 2016

10 Memes About Austin, Texas That Totally Describe Living Here

More so than any other city in Texas, Austin has developed an easily identifiable reputation. According to the rest of the world, we’re a bunch of granola-loving, liberal hipsters who love live music, the outdoors, barbecue and breakfast tacos. Very few of us Austinites consider these traits attributable to us, but we all know people who fit each one.

This reputation makes it easy for the Internet in all it’s anonymity and sarcasm to parody Austin. Sometimes the memes aren’t very flattering, but here are 10 memes that totally capture what it’s like to live in Austin.

We spend a lot of time in traffic

rush hour traffic

It takes a long time to get anywhere in Austin. We plan early and leave with plenty of time, but traffic sometimes makes us late anyway. People around here understand.

Dirty Sixth (I.E. 6th Street) Has REALLY Earned Its Nickname

6th street - Copy

If you want to go out drinking, Austin’s entertainment district holds it’s own with any other town … except maybe New Orleans, but they’re on a whole other level.

We Don’t Understand Or Prepare For “Winter” At All

snow driveway

Texans look at snow differently than people who live in cooler climates. What a New Yorker or Bostonite might call a light dusting, Austinites call a blizzard. If there is even the hint of ice or snow on the roads, we call it a snow day and enjoy.

We Love Our City, But Lie About It To Discourage People From Moving Here


We like the economic boost from tourists, and we love our festivals, but the overcrowding is getting worse with every passing day. So, some of us who’ve been here for a while have taken matters into our own hands. (I.E. We’ll go out of our way to make your stay fun, all while discouraging you from moving here. Yeah, it’s Weird, but we’re alright with that.)

We have our own style


People in Austin wear pretty much whatever they want whenever they want. And the hipsters aren’t confined only to Rainey Street. You’ll see them everywhere. They’re almost as common as guys in shorts and flip-flops.

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