- June 12, 2017

How To Have A Perfect Day On Lake Travis


Visiting Lake Travis is a perfect activity on a clear Austin day, with or without your boat. Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River, formed in 1942 with the construction of the Mansfield Dam. Today, Lake Travis is a popular destination for families, boaters, stand-up paddleboarders, swimmers, seekers of entertainment, and everyone in between. If you’re considering hitting Lake Travis in the near future, here’s how to make your day perfect.

Know Where to Go

To start, you’ll need to know the best parts of Lake Travis to visit. There is no single point of access on the lake, which covers a whopping 18,929 acres. Instead, there are hundreds of access points you can go to. Every part of the lake is beautiful, with unique crystal clear waters due to its limestone bottom. Visit Lake Travis’ website for a comprehensive overview of the most common places people go on the lake. They include the North Shore, where you’ll find a more secluded getaway with vacation rentals, and the South Shore, a popular commercial side of the lake that’s close to downtown Austin.


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