- June 16, 2016

Austin’s New Sound On Sound Fest Hopes To Import Some Fun Fun Fun Flare


In 2006, Fun Fun Fun Fest founders Graham Williams and The Mohawk owner James Moody, started one of Austin’s most popular festivals  –  an event that combined the genres of punk, rock, and hip hop while pairing the music with comedy acts and BMX sports. While Fun Fun Fun has become known through its distinctive and easygoing name, now Austin music fans will be introduced to a new festival called Sound on Sound Fest, run by Williams’ new booking company Margin Walker.

After separating from Transmission Events (the promotion company who ran Fun Fun Fun Fest) last month, Williams told The Austin Chronicle that he intended to start another music festival that includes elements of what made the previous event appealing. Talking about the switch, Williams tells the newspaper, “The plan is to do a lot of that same stuff – comedy, BMX, skate – that we feel is a part of the scene just as much as the bands.”

Fans who are wondering about dates and a lineup won’t be in the dark for long, as both will be released on June 28 at 10 am when tickets go on sale.  Sound on Sound Fest will take place from November 4-6, the same weekend that Fun Fun Fun Fest kicked off.

Williams declined to tell The Austin Chronicle about locations, though he did mention that he had recently done a few walk-throughs of potential properties, with Auditorium Shores, the host of Fun Fun Fun Fest, likely not a possible option for the new festival.

Moody and Graham gave up the brand rights to Fun Fun Fun Fest when they severed ties with their main investor Stratus Properties in May. Transmission Events, currently owned by Stratus, hasn’t said a word about whether Fun Fun Fun Fest will return this year or in the future.

Photo: Flickr user Nash Cook, creative commons licensed.

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