- December 28, 2016

Austin Punk Trio Hundred Visions Writes Jarring And Addictive New Single ‘Ditch Punk’s Prayer’


Starting off as a slow rock song, the latest track from local act Hundred Visions is a tune that you need to listen to. Titled “Ditch Punk’s Prayer,” front man Ben Maddox has written a raging tune that feels different from any punk songs we’ve heard out of Austin. Coming in at nearly five minutes, it deviates from the normal punk rock structure of being short and to the point, though Maddox’s speed and passion make the song jarring and incredibly addictive. We aren’t sure what was going through his mind when he was writing “Ditch Punk’s Prayer,” but after listening we are convinced that he may have a bit of a mad scientist inside of him.

Listen to “Ditch Punk’s Prayer” below.

Featured photo: Hundred Visions


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