- April 4, 2023

Austin Keeps It Kind Cheering On a Timid Jumper At Barton Springs


We can make jokes about people moving to Austin and we can complain about how the city has changed but over the weekend a video at Barton Springs reminded us why we love Austin so much!

Friends of Austin.com Lauren Corbin and Trevor Thomas sent us the video below. In the short video, a young child is getting ready to jump off the Barton Springs diving board. When he appears to suffer from stage fright, his fellow Austinites at Barton Springs make sure he feels supported and encouraged. Not only does everyone come together to cheer him on on, but once he finally does jump, that’s when the crowd really shows how #soaustin they are!

Watch the video here:

This Barton Springs moment is heartwarming, sure, but it also serves as a good reminder of why we love the Austin community… and always will.

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