These Memes Illustrate Just How Weird Austin, Texas Weather Is

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With a serious storm on the horizon, we can’t help but reflect on how crazy Austin, Texas weather is. It’s in the mid 70s almost two weeks into January, y’all!

So we went in search of the best memes that illustrate just how crazy Texas weather can be. Of course, weather is a serious thing and we hope everyone stays safe in any weather occurrence. 

------ is and always has been a site that celebrates and promotes the unique people and places of Austin, TX and surrounding cities. Though many businesses, locations, and events are closed at this time, we continue to highlight those things so that you can plan to experience them in the future.

With that being said, here are the best memes we found on Instagram that show just how wild and weird Austin weather can be. 

Now, while we do occasionally suffer from serious weather conditions, Austinites can be known to overreact to any kind of change from the norm.

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I forgot what it feels like to be warm.

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When we say we want a break from the heat, we really only want a teeny tiny drop in temperature.

And without that small dip in temps, the struggle is real in the Fall.

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Why can’t we have a fall like everyone else?

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But as we said, when the temps dip lower than expected, we totally shut down.

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How rude.

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And then there’s the serious drop with the threat of snow and ice.

On the reg, preparing for the day is a job in itself.

Sometimes it feels like we should just give up completely.

You never know what to expect.


So, yes, Texas weather is weird.
But there’s one thing for sure: we’d rather live here than anywhere else!

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