Flashback Friday: Matthew McConaughey Should Hold His Own Facial Expression Olympics


Getting bored with the same old shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu? Perhaps this will entertain you. We’re taking it back to the 2016 with this post featuring our favorite Austin celebrity: Matthew McConaughey. Enjoy!


As you might have heard, Austin’s own southern heart-throb, Wild Turkey Spokesman, and UT professor extraordinaire, Matthew McConaughey, is making a splash at the 2016 Rio Olympics. McConaughey has been spotted running the gamut of human emotions, both on his own and in the company of wife, Camila Alves. The actor is posting on his own Instagram and Twitter accounts, in addition to being caught by random patrons, photographers, and news outlets at the Olympic games.

That is why it’s not wholly unreasonable to use pics of the Hollywood actor to gauge how exactly things are going at the 2016 Olympics. If you can’t find the time to watch the events live, and a ticket to Rio is out of the question, gaze upon the visage of Matthew McConaughey to catch up on what you missed!

Seeing McConaughey brave the Rio crowd on his own, you’d think he was simply a good-old-boy attending a Longhorns game:

Catch him with his model/designer wife Camila, and you’d think every single competitor was ahead in every single event at the 2016 Games:

No one is having more fun watching the Olympics than #MatthewMcConaughey! | ?: Jean Catuffe/Getty

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McConaughey and Alves know that the Olympic Games can’t all be hearts and flowers, with no mistakes, no close-calls. Sometimes things get derailed, and when that happens, ya gotta pull a face:

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For example, did you hear that US swimmers Ryan Lochte, TexasEX Jimmy Feigen, and two other teammates were robbed at gunpoint by men posing as Brazilian police officers?

That sounds pretty awful, but the unflappable Lochte and cool-as-a-cucumber McConaughey seem fully unfazed in this Instagram post one day following the incident. If they’re not gonna sweat it, then you shouldn’t either!

If you didn’t hear much about Egypt’s success in the 2016 Olympics, that’s because they’re not exactly kicking butt. That being said, McConaughey loves the indomitable spirit of the underdog, and this pose with swimmer Ali Khalafalla proves that winning truly isn’t everything! Sometimes it’s all in how you play the game:

When posing for a photo with Aussie freestyle swimmer Belinda Hocking, McConaughey’s grin doesn’t go from ear-to-ear. That could be because the 25 year-old Hocking only walked away with a bronze, and was barely beat out on two other top-tier placements, or it could just be because he’s polite as all get-out:

Feeling a little Texas pride is in order when your state is taking home a pretty decent portion of the gold medals at the Olympics:



And when it comes to Texas pride, McConaughey’s got it in spades. Here’s our man, throwing hook-em horns with the pack. If you weren’t sure how Texas was doing at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. We’re doing alright, alright, alright:

Aren’t the Olympics fun?

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