- August 2, 2016

Matthew McConaughey Brings his Southern Charm to Wild Turkey Bourbon

That old Dos Equis dude really has nothing on Austin’s golden boy, because Matthew McConaughey has just officially made himself the most interesting man in the world. Not only is he a brilliant actor, a big Longhorn supporter, and recently a UT professor, he is now the face of one of the country’s most popular bourbon distilleries.

McConaughey recently took on the role of creative director for Wild Turkey, according to a press release.  That makes him the face and the smooth, smoky voice of the brand in front of the camera, as well as the director for some TV and digital campaigns that will launch in December, his first foray into directing behind the scenes. And frankly, there is no better man for the job, since he’s basically southern charm in a tall bottle already. 

“Wild Turkey has the history and qualities of a brand that depicts the dedication of someone to do something their own way — even if that way isn’t always the most popular,” McConaughey said in a press release. “I want to help share their unique story, starting with a new ad campaign that I feel really captures the special essence of this brand while introducing itself like never before.”

It all begins with this short film of McConaughey’s visit to the Kentucky distillery, uploaded to the Wild Turkey YouTube channel yesterday. So pour yourself a glass of bourbon and spend six plus minutes with their new ambassador, because if McConaughey can’t charm the pants off of you, maybe Wild Turkey can.

H/T Austin 360