- October 4, 2014

Matthew McConaughey Leads Longhorns In ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Chant

Ahead of last week’s Longhorns game against Kansas, which they won in a blowout, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, a known aficionado of all things Austin, dropped by the field to give the boys a bit of a pep talk after the prior week’s stinging loss.

Mid-way through his wonderfully epic sports monologue, one of the players asked Matt which of his movies he enjoyed making the most. “Mud, he said. “But I also like that Wolf of Wall Street.

And that’s when this happened (the full video is below):

So, okay, superstar actor shows up at football practice the week after the team suffered a stinging, last-minute loss to BYU, leads the Longhorns in his famously improvised chant from an award-winning Martin Scorsese film, and next thing you know these boys are blowing out Kansas 23-0.

Yessir, Matt just might be onto something here. Give his whole pep talk a watch below, and then let us know on Facebook or Twitter how much you wanna bet Matt will be playing a coach in a sports movie any day now.——