This Mini Whataburger Playhouse Might Be The Most Texas Thing Ever!


When we saw this Austin Monthly article, we just knew we had to share it with you! According to their story, “When Danae Klingspor was tasked with planning her son’s first birthday party, she was only sure of two things: it needed to be COVID-friendly and it would be Whataburger-themed.”

You see, Klingspor’s son Gideon is an avid fan of the Texas fast-food chain. And with drive-by birthday parties being so popular, she said creating a Whataburger drive-thru in the front yard (which could later double as a playhouse) just made sense.

Photo via Danae Klingspor on Instagram

Is it okay to admit that we are jealous of a newly one-year-old for having a mom who makes him a Whataburger playhouse? Because we totally are.

The Austin based interior designer put her skills to use in the best way possible. Klingsplor spent seven weeks constructing the 6 1/2-foot-tall structure just in time for her son’s birthday in January.

If the burger themed playhouse isn’t enough to make you jealous, the goodies bags should. The birthday boy served up Whataburger fry cups filled with candy! And Gideon ran his birthday drive-thru with the efficiency of a real Whataburger employee. Friends would walk up to the window, drop off his presents, and get a goodie bag in exchange. Talk about a professional!

“I made a joke that for Gideon’s next birthday I need to do a Buc-ee’s gas station and just add it on,” Klingsplor told Austin Monthly. “We could have a whole Texas-themed backyard.”

We can’t wait to see what this Texas-loving family has in store for Gideons second birthday!

See more pictures of the Whataburger playhouse in the Austin Monthly story.

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