- August 29, 2023

These Memes Perfectly Illustrate How We All Feel in Austin Traffic


As Austin continues to grow so does the traffic. It doesn’t help that our highways seems to always be under construction. So why not add a little humor to our traffic related struggles? Here is the traffic meme roundup you’ve been waiting for!

But first, amuse yourself with this Texas traffic debate on Reddit:

Here are the memes that perfectly capture Austin traffic

This meme is for everyone having to brave Austin traffic after a year of working from home. We see you and we feel your pain.

Austin Traffic

We wouldn’t wish the hellish drive to Dallas on our worst enemy, except California transplants. They can go to Dallas.

Raise your hand if you rely heavily on your navigation to get you around town. Sometimes technology fails us, especially certain apps…

Feel like you’ve aged waiting for the construction to be completed? Don’t worry, us too.

Photo via @Texashumor

Us, every time we see a new sign or closure for construction.

Photo via @Texashumor

We’ll leave you with this one because there seems to be no end in sight to this construction. Maybe one day…

For the naive optimist in us all.

We hope this one speaks for itself.

This one pretty much sums it all up.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans…

Photo via @Triplethreadz

If you’re driving in Texas, drive like a Texan.

Photo via @WhenWhereWhatAustin

Y’all think the construction will be done by 2050? Probably not.

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