- August 26, 2020

Austin Is 2020’s 7th Best Real Estate Market


With mortgage rates hitting record lows due to COVID-19, WalletHub has released a report on 2020’s Best Real Estate Market and, no surprise here, Austin ranks in the top 10!

The site compared 300 cities to determine the most attractive real-estate markets in the U.S. Median home-price appreciation, home sales turnover, and job growth were just three of the factors considered in the rankings.

Austin ranks 7th overall and 3rd among large cities.

Here’s where other categories of the Austin real estate market rank (1=Best; 150=Average):

  • 42nd – Average Days Until Sale
  • 54th – Job Growth Rate
  • 102nd – Foreclosure Rate
  • 54th – Percent of Delinquent Mortgage Holders
  • 17th – Population Growth Rate

Want to know more about the rankings and research? View the full report here.

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