- November 26, 2019

Survey Says You Need an Annual Salary Of $136,500 To Be Happy In Austin


Wow! According to a survey from Purdue University and GoBankingRates.com, the annual salary you need to be happy in Austin is a whopping $136,500!

The survey also found that Austinites need to make between $78,000 and $97,500 for their emotional well being. Emotional well-being is measured according to a person’s day-to-day emotions, including happy, excited, sad, and angry. 

As this article states, the survey seeks to pinpoint the amount where money no longer changes your level of emotional well-being and “life evaluation.” Life evaluation is defined in terms of overall life satisfaction and is “likely more influenced by higher goals and comparisons to others.” Austin’s life evaluation is valued at $123,500.

Meanwhile, the annual salary of happiness in Dallas is listed as at $113,085, Houston is $110,040, and San Antonio is $101,535.

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