Are There REALLY ‘A Billion Bluebonnets’ In This Crazy Drone Flyover Video? Maybe!

We’ve got a lot of bluebonnet-related content on right now. Seriously, we’ve got bluebonnet photo tours in our guide to Austin in springtime, a list of seven crazy bluebonnet facts, a flower-themed, city-wide tarot reading from our resident psychic Arcie Cola, and even a local business owner who was recently photographed frolicking nearly nude in a bluebonnet field off of MoPac recently.

That’s a lot of bluebonnets. But it’s nowhere close to what you’re about to see.

Confronted with an over-covered subject, any good editor would normally say, ‘Okay, let’s dial that back a bit, just for a little while. Maybe focus on something else.’ And that’s what was going to happen, I swear. But Chris Sherman at Over Austin ruined all of that with his absolutely stunning drone flyover video from the Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area in Spicewood, less than an hour from downtown Austin.

You’ve seriously got to see this.

Sherman, who is gaining a name for himself on social media thanks to always-stunning HD drone photography of our fair city, titled this video “A Billion Bluebonnets?” And that’s no overstatement. There may actually be a billion of ’em out in Spicewood right now, and thanks to the nice rains we’ve been getting they are spreading far and fast.

“I love providing people with a new and unique view of Austin and the Texas Hill Country,” Sherman told “Spring is great because nature’s colors come out to play.”

Okay, that’s enough bluebonnets on for this week. We now return you to your regularly scheduled editorial calendar.