- January 17, 2018

15 Ideal Workplaces For Digital Nomads In Austin


Austin is home to some of the very best places to get lost in work, good conversation, or delicious food and drink. There are so many work spaces, coffee shops, restaurants, and community spaces that make a huge difference in the way Austinites live their lives. These establishments continue to innovate and motivate in order to give this community everything it could ever need to bloom.  

These spots all over Austin are motivating, full of friendly people, and they contribute to making the world a better place. Kick back and relax, sit up and get to work, or create new things at these 15 places.

Coworking Spaces

  • Journey Coworking

Walking through the doors of Journey Coworking feels like moving forward. It feels like new ideas. It feels like community.  Somehow, Journey Coworking found a perfect middle ground between taking risks and feeling comfortable.

Thoughtfully decorated (including a really cool mural in the café) and well-stocked snacks, a perfect canvas is presented on which to develop new innovations. The coolest details in the building are the ones in each of the individually decorated private phone booths. Nap pods, locker rooms and showers, massage chairs, and fiber internet are just some of the amenities available. Meeting rooms of various sizes are available for all members to use.

Exceptional events are frequently held at Journey Coworking. They offer great opportunities to network, collaborate, and learn new things. In December, Bumble Bizz hosted a discussion and awesome networking mingle connecting women in fashion. Journey has hosted meditation and mindful eating workshops, holiday parties, cryptocurrency meetings, and networking events appealing to innovators and collaborators.

  • Link Coworking

Connection, encouragement, and collaboration define Link Coworking. Instead of competition, this community is built on mutual inspiration and support. Celebrating successes surrounded by people who are rooting for you provides a proud satisfaction. The encouragement of collaboration provides networking opportunities, referrals from fellow coworkers, and professional growth on a positive trajectory.

Liz Elam saw a need for a morale-boosting and collaborative coworking space. Her vast knowledge and experience (including 14 years at Dell) has seamlessly lead Link Coworking to be a catalyst for fearless innovation and cooperative collaboration.

Link Coworking just celebrated the opening of their third location, Link Flex, on West Anderson Lane. This new innovative work space features flexible terms with month-to-month membership options and flexible work areas. Common areas, a kitchen, mail services, and solid internet all contribute to a work environment free of unnecessary distractions and full of positive growth.

Coffee Shops

  • Mozart’s

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Coffee roasted right in the shop (with beans from only the best places all over the globe), Mozart’s Coffee Roasters has a comprehensive understanding of what it means to make a cup of coffee. They have desserts to suit every sweet tooth including an oreo tres leches moose that you will never want to stop eating. Once you have it, you will order oreo tres leches moose every time you go to Mozart’s. For years. And you will never get tired of it.

Mozart’s is impressive because it attracts people from throughout the community and promotes connectedness by inviting local musicians to play on the weekends and hosting local attractions such as the annual Christmas light show (which features over one million lights).

Two levels of outdoor seating cater to all community members who want to enjoy the peacefulness of overlooking lake Austin on a beautiful Texas evening. Free Wi-Fi and an intimate indoor space add positive energy to any project.

  • Once Over Coffee Bar


Once Over Coffee Bar is an old favorite for those who frequent south 1st street for a good cup of coffee. When the parking lot is full, have no fear, there is street parking on Live Oak Street and Johanna Street, which are both conveniently close to the shop. The cozy indoor seating creates a nice, calm atmosphere.

There are a couple of tables for seating out front, and there is a back patio that will transport you away from the distractions that hold you back from fully diving into the task at hand. The patio is surrounded by greenery and overlooks Bouldin Creek. Lights around the perimeter add a special magic to the environment at night.

The baristas at Once Over are friendly and they always have great drink recommendations if you are not sure which of their coffee concoctions to try. The coffee is sourced from local coffee roasters, Wild Gift Coffee.

  • Radio Coffee & Beer


Start your day with an expertly good cup of coffee and relax in the evening with a fine specialty beer. Radio Coffee & Beer is the ultimate local hangout in South Austin off Manchaca. The patrons and staff are joyful and lively. Even on the most buzzing of nights, it never feels overwhelming or chaotic.

A wonderful thing occurs when visiting Radio, the air feels fresh and the lights seem to have an extra twinkle. Free Wi-Fi and seating options both inside and outside cater to all customers in any weather. Dogs are welcome to join you on the outdoor patio while you enjoy live music in the evening or a quiet mid-morning boost.  

Because of the open and light spirit that flows throughout Radio, a fresh outlook makes focus and new ideas a natural occurrence.

  • Bennu Coffee

Regardless of your work hours, Bennu Coffee on MLK always has its doors open and its well-crafted coffee brewing. Productivity has a ripple effect at this 24-7, family-owned establishment. This place was made to get stuff done. The inviting vibes and tons of comfortable seating spark the motivation needed to focus and get to work. The seating ranges from typical wooden chairs to comfortable couches, appealing to any preferred work style. They have plenty of outlets (a super convenient amount of outlets) for charging devices, and free parking.

The coffee menu features hits with specialty coffees including uniquely flavored lattes. They also have a really delicious addition to drip coffee called a Ladybird Coffee Bomb which combines different blends such as Vanilla Thunder and Happy Cacao. The pastries are fresh and local. One of the crowd favorites is the banana chocolate chip muffin, which tastes just about the way you would expect a muffin to taste in heaven.

It is easy to feel at ease in such a comfortable and welcoming environment, where there’s always a place to achieve exactly what you intend. Bennu is an upstanding venue in which to meet up with a group to get work done or to spend time solo. 

  • Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors  

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If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee in a motivating and positive work environment on the East side, check out Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors. The folks at Figure 8 have built a coffee shop based on quality coffee served with intention. The indoor space is intimate and emits a positive energy that is demonstrated in the friendly interactions that take place among both staff and patrons. There are two rooms to choose from for working, with tables in a variety of sizes.

Sitting at the bar offers opportunities to either get work done, or chat with the baristas or fellow coffee lovers. The outdoor patio is spacious and airy, contributing to time expertly well spent whether you’re there for a coffee break or hours of productivity.

The coffee is sourced from various roasters around the country and local Texas roasters. Figure 8 keeps an awesome rotation of carefully selected coffees of which the staff are knowledgeable and passionate. The vibe provides a great place for anyone with a need for high internet speeds and a laid-back space in which to spend precious and productive time.

  • Cherrywood Coffeehouse


Cherrywood Coffeehouse is a local hangout for folks who live, work, or want to hang out in the Cherrywood neighborhood. A true staple to Cherrywood and the surrounding areas, this coffeehouse has been warmly greeting Austinites since 2009.

Generous indoor and outdoor seating can accommodate groups and individual parties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A full menu offers a variety of scrumptious items to choose from. Notable options include options of breakfast tacos, smoothies, an expansive sandwich selection, and plenty more mouth-watering dishes.

The outdoor seating area is particularly impressive, with shaded tables that are spaced out thoughtfully. An open and casual setting instills inspiration and connection to the pleasant surroundings.

Regular events are hosted at Cherrywood Coffeehouse and yield positive interactions with fellow community members.  Happy Hour, open mic comedy night, and live music present occasions for engaging conversation and good food.

No matter the time of day, this is a great way to spend time wisely and efficiently without feeling stressed or distracted.

Austin Originals

  • Central Library

Austin’s new Central Library is a unique kind of enchanting. It provokes feelings of awe and an immediate curiosity in everything all at once. The possibilities for discovery are endless and you can take as much time exploring as you want.

There are plenty of seating areas and desk arrangements to choose from. These are not just any seating areas. You have the opportunity to sit in some of the coolest looking chairs in a building bursting with cool-factor. This is the gem we did not know we needed. Sink into a book, zone into a computer, or take a break and hang out on the rooftop garden. Whatever your to-do list insists, get it done at the Central Library.

Everything you need to have a successful day is provided. Whether you need access to books, ebooks, internet, computers, printers, research help, or you want to learn something new in a workshop, the library has it all.  

Even while working alone, spending time at the library invokes a sense of connectedness to the community. It is already a major community hub and will continue to bring together the awesome people of Austin for years to come.

  • Book People

Book People is more than just Austin’s favorite independent bookstore. It is one of the stones in the foundation of the Austin community. Its location at 5th and Lamar is super accessible by foot, bike, or car. The staff is friendly and they all have an obvious passion for reading. Staff book recommendations posted along the shelves are well-informed and always ensure a book beaming with promise.   

The café on the first floor is an awesome place to get in the work-flow in an environment that feels natural and easy. The iced coffee is absolute power juice, and they offer vegan and gluten-free snacks. The outdoor patio is another great spot for spending time. It is well shaded too, making it a great place to spend a beautiful day.

When you need a break, stroll the isles or check out the fun objects along the stairway. Book People offers frequent speaking events from authors across a wide spectrum. These are great opportunities for learning new things, meeting new people, and allowing curiosity to guide you.

  • Whole Foods


Born and grown in Austin, Whole Foods is an undeniable staple in the community. The downtown location is perfectly located and presents multiple work and dining areas.

Two levels of indoor seating and two levels of outdoor seating offer places to sit and set up shop at any time of day. Peruse the various hot food offerings, made-to-order stations, or freshly-made sandwiches and some very good chicken salad. The pizza station is a can’t-miss dish (the vegan cheese on their pizzas is really good). Taking a lunch break or grabbing a snack without having to totally pause your work is a huge time saver.

Having a healthy bite to eat provides nourishment which will help to sustain your work flow for as long as you need. Other patrons are hard at work, making productivity contagious in this milieu.  

  • Craft

Craft, one of Austin’s best ideas ever, is located on East Cesar Chavez just East of Springdale. Two local Austin women are responsible for the genius that takes place at Craft on a daily basis. Eli Winkelman and Hannah Roye make magic happen within the walls of this walk-in DIY crafting studio.

Everyone’s favorite craft room bursts with contagious inspiration and constant reminders to never take yourself too seriously. Craft offers a new perspective on creativity and boasts all of the supplies you need to create your dreams. A spacious floor plan and giant tables allow a community feeling without seeming overcrowded.

Craft offers a wonderful environment in which to work (thankfully, there are coworking memberships available). There are plenty of chances to have fun and make stuff when you need a break or hit writer’s block, but the glitter never feels distracting. A special magic happens at Craft that has an ability to spark a unique interest and curiosity in whatever task you face.

With free Wi-Fi, frequent vegan snack breaks, and no kids allowed, spending a day (or every day) at Craft feels fresh and energizing.

Eats and Treats (Restaurants)

  • Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery

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Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery in Hyde Park is a sweet spot of Austin that never disappoints. The surrounding area is quaint and kind, there is a peaceful feel to the area. Quack’s is a longstanding, deeply appreciated Austin institution essential to the core of quintessential Austin.

Delicious pastries are baked in house from scratch, with only the best ingredients. Their expansive menu ranges from delicious to the best ever. Various espresso drinks on the menu are a can’t-miss for coffee lovers. Going to Quack’s is like going on a getaway but only driving a few minutes. Suddenly, things are not so rushed and everything tastes good.

Getting work done is easy with minimal distractions and an easy-going energy throughout the shop.

  • Thai Fresh

Raise your hand for Pad Sea Ew. Come in for dinner. It’s cozy in here.

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Thai Fresh enables customers to have an experience beyond just delicious Thai Cuisine. The restaurant provides local groceries, cooking classes, dinner, dessert, and a space in which to enter a couple of hours of work mode.

Thai Fresh is successful in delivering high-quality dishes to happy patrons. All of their ingredients are transparently sourced, with a source list on their website.

A gathering place like this is a realm which inspires fruitful collaboration, new ideas, and healthy eating habits. This is an excellent resource for those in the community who want a new regular spot to enjoy a bite to eat and have a fruitful work session.

For small team meetings and brainstorm sessions, Thai Fresh is a well-balanced combination of professional and feeling like home.

  • The Grove – Downtown


The Grove is a locally-owned, well-thought restaurant that pleases crowds at all of their four locations. The downtown location is conveniently located and has a clean, sophisticated atmosphere without feeling pretentious. Valet right out front removes any hassle in getting there. Their specials are amazing, delicious food and drink are easy on the wallet, and the food is high quality.

Enjoy a nice wine while winding down, indulge in mimosas for brunch, or grab a cup of coffee for an ultimate brainstorm session. The menu offers options for those who need vegan or gluten-free choices.

Spending a morning or a full work day at The Grove ensures superior service and delicious coffee to supply you with all of the energy you need to buckle down and get to work on your priority tasks.   

Austin is an incredible city. Even when the traffic is the worst, even when the line at P. Terry’s is an hour long on the grumpiest of days. The magic of Austin is in its local businesses and the people who love them. When the crowds have got you down, think about what it means to live in Austin.

Living in Austin means being a part of a positive change. Austinites are committed to making the world a better place. One coffee at a time, one book at a time, one bottle of glitter at time, and with plenty of Wi-Fi, we are making positive change. It all starts within the community. Increase positive human interactions (and smiles) by participating in your community and supporting local businesses all while getting your most important tasks done.

Working alone can be lonely, and other freelancers know just how much that hustle tends to create isolation. Working alone in a supportive and productive environment adds an extra tint of happy to your work session. Breathe in some fresh air, take a picture of your coffee cup against the backdrop of a big Texas sky, and lose yourself in the work you love.