- September 9, 2015

10 Horrifying Things That Will Totally Happen If You Talk Or Text At Alamo Drafthouse

Everyone knows that it’s rude to talk or text during a movie, and Austin’s own Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has long been at the forefront of threatening, bludgeoning, burning, skewering, or just permanently scarring (physically and emotionally) anyone who dares to step over that line. Not even Madonna or Texas Governor Greg Abbott are immune to their rules.

They’ve been at this “No Talk, No Text” business for so long that Drafthouse fans recently helped Texas Monthly elect their favorite horrible thing that will definitely happen to rude moviegoers. The winner of this #DontTalk social media election? Well, you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to find out.

But, if you’re smart, you’ll want to make a few stops along the way just to ensure you’re well educated on the severe dangers of being a gadget head at the movies in Austin. So with no further ado, here are the 10 most horrifying things that WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN if you talk or text at Alamo Drafthouse…

(Also, this post totally contains NSFW language, because it’s only appropriate for movie talkers. Just a head’s up.)