- August 29, 2019

10 Austin Snacks You’ll Want to Pack in Your Kid’s Lunchbox

It’s back-to-school time, and the livin’ is snacky. There are so many choices for the little’s lunchboxes, but why not take it the local route? The Austin snacks scene is a delicious and oftentimes healthy one, too. Not sure where to start with all of the snacking? This list is here to share the best of the best when it comes to ATX nibbles for the kiddos.

Waterloo Sparkling Water
Striving to skip the soda, without skimping on the flavor? Waterloo Sparkling water is where it’s at. This Austin-born drink has no calories, sugar or sodium, and is a refreshing addition to any lunch. From strawberry to mango, there is sure to be a flavor to please even the pickiest of small ones.


Round Rock Honey
This locally made honey is perfect for your little honey, and is great for creating the perfect after school snack. This three ingredient recipe just needs honey, mixed berries, and fresh lime juice to make an amazing honey berry sorbet. Also, pro tip – just about any parfait tastes amazing topped with a drizzle of this naturally sweet stuff.

Nada Moo
Looking for another perfect after school treat? Look no further than Nada Moo. With flavors like Maple Pecan and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough, it’s a healthy snack that everyone in the fam will be raving about. This organic and non-dairy ice cream made from coconut milk is all things delicious and nutritious.

Primizie Flatbread Crisps
Avoid the chips without sacrificing that satisfying crunch with Primizie Crisps. These tasty treats are corn-free, all-natural, hormone-free and made with minimal ingredients. The best part? They’re absolutely delicious, and the kids never have to know they’re good for them, too. Try eating with fruits, veggies, or any favorite dip!


Thunderbird Bars
Fruits, seeds, nuts, and spices – that’s the entirety of the ingredient list that can be found in Thunderbird Bars. These perfect-for-lunchbox snacks are vegan, plant-based, paleo, and have no added sugar. Flavors of these Austin snacks include Chocolate Almond Butter Sea Salt and Texas Maple Pecan, and somehow they taste even better than they sound.

From flavorful nut mixes to chocolate and candies, austinNuts has been delivering delicious eats to Austin since 1993. Made fresh daily and never fried, their specialty is dry roasted nuts, but their gift baskets are a great way to try a bit of everything. They now ship to hundreds of customers in the United States, but Austinites are lucky enough to also visit locations off of Anderson Lane and in Manor, TX.

Sweet Leaf Tea
Made from simple and pure ingredients like cane sugar, spearmint, and raspberry, Sweet Leaf is a tea that stands out from the rest. The fact that it originated in Austin just adds to the delightfulness. Whether for a lunchbox or an after-school diversion, one sip is an instant transporter to front porch swings and summertime memories.

Grandma’s Hummus
Created by local and family-made business The Mediterranean Chef, Grandma’s Hummus is made from all-natural and mouthwatering ingredients like organic chickpeas/garbanzo beans, sesame tahini, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Grab some carrots and cucumbers and it’s the perfect snack during or after school!

Shar’s Trail Mix
Mix up the day in a great way with Shar’s Trail Mix. These Austin snacks are 100% organic, small-batched, and has absolutely no preservatives. The nine ingredients in the original blend include almonds, pecans, cranberries, dark chocolate, and coconut flakes. Handcrafted in Austin and looking for a good home.

Rhythm Superfood Veggie and Fruit Chips
While the young ones may immediately cringe upon the mere mention of “vegetable,” these chips are sure to change all of that. From carrots to beets, Rythm Superfood has turned fruits and veggies into crunchy, tasty and nutritious snacks for the whole crew. Don’t mention it to the kids – the fun crunch might just distract from the whole healthy thing.

Bonus For Parents: Tiff’s Treats
Need a treat after all of the drop-offs, helping with homework and getting lunchboxes prepared? Tiff’s Treats is a longtime local favorite for some of the best homemade cookies around town. From chocolate chip to snicker-doodle, these melt-in-the-mouth treasures are meant for that moment the kids are at school and that much-deserved alone time can finally be savored – one glorious bite at a time.

Featured Photo by Pexel User Lisa Fotios.