- April 16, 2018

Social Butterflies Will Love These 10 Austin Activities For Extroverts


Austin is an extrovert’s paradise. There are countless ways to enjoy all this town has to offer while engaging with people. Extroverts get their energy from people, and the data shows Austin gets more and more people each day.

Sure, Austin introverts have plenty to enjoy, but Austin caters to extroverts. If you are a social butterfly, here are 10 fun ideas to get you loving Austin.

10. Participate in a group exercise class

Accountability and encouragement help make an exercise regimen successful. When you participate in a group exercise class, you inject accountability from your classmates and encouragement from your instructor. Austin is loaded with places to bond with others in pursuit of personal fitness.

For a truly Austin workout experience, join a class that meets in one of Austin’s public parks. It’s easy to scope out classes at your neighborhood parks. If you like what you see, walk up to the instructor afterward to get the details on the class’s next meeting.